Shifting Shadows Audio Book Giveaway

By: Mike Aug 24, 2014

The story anthology is almost out. The moderators had already organized a drawing for a hardback. When we mentioned that we've got a couple of the audio books sitting around on CD, they offered to help us find homes for them. Good luck, and happy listening!

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Shifting Shadows

By: Mike Aug 14, 2014

In just a couple of weeks Shifting Shadows will be hitting bookstore shelves. This is an anthology of stories old and new set in Mercy's world. The first pre-release reviews are starting to trickle in, and it sounds like the results are favorable. So far, my favorite is a video review from Rachel of RayKayBooks, her enthusiasm is infectious and put a huge smile on our faces!

But wait, there's more. Our wonderful and amazing moderators have organized a giveaway!

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Mercy Is Back in Comics

By: Mike Aug 14, 2014

A few years ago we launched a series of Mercy Thompson comic books. The series launched with an origin story called Homecoming that was eventually released as a graphic novel, and then we tried to adapt the a couple of the Mercy and Alpha and Omega novels to the comic book format. We got to work with some very talented people, and it was fun to see the stories in graphic form, but there was something missing.

Almost two years ago, we called Nick Barruchi, the president of Dynamite, with a feeling of dread in our stomachs. We carefully explained that while we enjoyed working with him and his crew, we felt that final product was slightly lackluster, and that we would not be continuing. Much to our amazement, instead of anger and blame, Nick agreed with our assessment. He carefully explained that re-hashing the novels meant that we were playing to a limited audience. That meant production costs had to be controlled, which affected how much time the artists and writers could spend, which obviously affects the final product. Then he made us an offer — if Patty would come up with an original story idea, something that she would be comfortable basing a novel on, and let him base a graphic novel on it, he would do his best to blow her away.

We thought it over, and decided to take a chance. Patty thought up a creepy story that might have made a good novel, and sent it to Nick. Frankly, our expectations weren't too high. Then we saw the story draft, and it was good. We began to hope. The first art rolled in, Patty asked for a few corrections, and they were made promptly and the revised panels showed a great deal of promise. We got more excited. Then we saw the colored versions, and we have to admit that Nick has kept his word. This is a comic we're proud to be part of.

The original plan was to skip the comic medium, and publish this as a stand alone graphic novel, but after seeing the first dozen or so pages, it was decided to release it in comic form first. So, the first eposide of Mercy Thomposon: Hopcross Jilly will be available in October. You can find more information on