Getting a Signed Copy

Seeing Patty on Zoom

February 19, 2021

Patty won't be travelling for book signings in 2021 due to Covid restrictions but she is booked for two Zoom virtual Q&A. Go have a look at Patty's 2021 Appearances Page, both events offer signed copies of Wild Sign but you'll need to contact them for more details.

How can you get a book signed? There are several different options open for you.

For books you already own (earlier books in the series other than a new release or other series) or new releases that you've pre-ordered that don't have the author signing option this would be the best option. You can mail your book/books directly to Patty and she'll sign them for you. How does that work? You mail it to Ann, Patty's assistant here:

Ann Peters
P.O. Box 5394
Benton City, WA 99320

What you'll need to include when you mail your book. Be sure to remember to send it with a prepaid envelope so you can get your book back. For personalization this is Ann's email: Drop her a line and let her know what you'd like for Patty to write in your book. Do you want a coyote drawing? Do you want Patty to say you're her biggest fan? Let Ann know and she'll pass it along. Or tuck a note in your book when you mail it with what you want Patty to write in it.

The Signed Page is for readers who haven't purchased their new release of Wild Sign yet. Head over to their website here. There you'll be able to purchase the book there and say how you'd like to have Patty personalize it for you.

Adventures Underground is also for readers who haven't purchased their new release yet. Head over to their website order guide here. This is a bookstore local to Patty and they also have books other than new releases that you can purchase. Patty will go in masked up and social distanced to sign the books there at a time not open to the public. There's also the option to have your book personalized so be sure to add what you want it to say when you order it.