Cover Reveal

Alpha&Omega #6: Wild Sign

By: Ann May 26, 2020

Good morning, everyone! It's a brand new week, and I have an AMAZING treat for you!
Here is further proof of Daniel Dos Santos' artistic genius - the new cover for Wild Sign (Alpha and Omega #6), due out in March of next year. It is SO freaking gorgeous; Dan is a master of his craft!
And hey - the book is absolutely freaking incredible, too - we can't wait to share it with you - soooooo good! You will love it, I promise!
--Ann the trusty assistant

Thank you everyone!

By: Ann April 2, 2020

We just got the sales figures from the publishers; Smoke Bitten is Number 3 on both the USA Today Best Seller List and on the New York Times Combined Print/E-Book Best Seller List! Wheeee!!!!

Okay, I'll be honest; I was hoping for another number one, because I love this book so much (and also because I told Patty it would be a number one and I hate being wrong 😂) - but right now, in the middle of a global pandemic? I'll take number three and do a happy-happy-joy-joy dance! Thank you so much, all you awesome Patty fans; we love and appreciate you more than you can know! Go, Team Patty!

If (missed the) Mysterious Galaxy's Facebook Live event, Patty will be able to tell you in person how much we appreciate your support. Big hugs to everyone, and stay safe!

--Ann the trusty assistant