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I'm always happy to hear from people who have read my books, and will try to answer any questions you might have. Because there are many demands on my time, I've had to give up writing personal responses to most of my email (there's only so many hours in a day, and I'm perpetually behind on books!). After stressing about this for way too long, I finally hired a wonderful assistant, Ann, to help out.

Ann is sort of cross between Mary Poppins and a Disney Princess. She's effervescent, cheerful, and brilliant. Also, things just sort of get done when she's around. So, while I read all of my email, Ann will probably be the one responding!

If you have questions about book rights, please contact me. Just to make things confusing, my early works (Steal the Dragon, When Demons Walk, The Hob's Bargain,Dragon Blood, Dragon Bones, Raven's Shadow and Raven's Strike) are still handled by the Virginia Kidd Agency.

Patty's Info: Patricia Briggs
P.O. Box 5394
Benton City, WA 99320
Patty's Assistant: Ann Peters
P.O. Box 5394
Benton City, WA 99320

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Signed books

Many people ask about getting their books signed. Patty doesn't sell books on her website but she is more than happy to sign them. You can mail your books to Patty but you must include return postage in order to get your books back. Contact Patty's assistant Ann Peters at the above address and email. Let her know how you'd like Patty to sign your book, for example, if you'd like it personalized...if you'd like a little coyote sketch etc.