Books by Patricia Briggs

Mercy Thompson Series

Urban Fantasy
Mercedes is Volkswagen mechanic living in the Tri-Cities area of Washington. Her Native American heritage has somehow given her the ability to take the form of a coyote at will. She's surrounded by far more powerful supernatural beings, including werewolves, vampires and an assortment of fae.
Mercy #1: Moon Called 2006 ISBN: 0441013813
Mercy gives a job to a homeless boy, who happens to be a werewolf. When he turns up murdered, she vows to figure out who did it.
Mercy #2: Blood Bound 2007 ISBN: 0441014739
Stefan is a vampire with a thing for Scooby-Doo, and Mercy owes him a favor. There's a new vampire in town, who can apparently alter the memories of those around him. Since Mercy is resistant to vampiric magic, she's brought along as an impartial observer. What could go wrong?
Mercy #3: Iron Kissed 2008 ISBN: 0441015662
A series of murders on the fae reservation is being quietly investigated, and Mercy is asked to use her coyote-sharp nose to do a bit of sniffing around. Zee ends up framed for murder, and our coyote heroine shows she's willing to put her neck on the line to save him.
Mercy #4: Bone Crossed 2009 ISBN: 0441016766
The vampire queen has figured out who killed one of her favorite vampires, and things get ugly. An old acquaintance shows up with ghost troubles, and Mercy follows her to Spokane. Of course, nothing is ever that simple in Mercy's world.
Mercy #5: Silver Borne 2010 ISBN: 044101819X
In Iron Kissed Mercy borrowed a little book about fae artifacts. When she tries to return it, she finds the shop closed, and discovers that there are some other folks who want it, and they don't mind killing a few people to get it.
Mercy #6: River Marked 2011 ISBN: 0441019730
Mercy and Adam finally take a little personal time, a little getaway for two in a quiet campground on the Columbia river near their Tri-Cities home. Of course, where Mercy goes trouble is sure to follow. This time, Mercy will learn more about her Native American heritage, and what it means to be a "walker".
Mercy #7: Frost Burned 2013 ISBN: 0441020011
Mercy takes her new stepdaughter Jesse out shopping on Black Friday. They're involved in a fender-bender which should have been simply annoying, except that the whole pack has gone missing in their absence. With few allies outside the pack, and unknown enemies, Mercy's got her work cut out for her.
Mercy #8: Night Broken 2014 ISBN: 042525674X
Adam's ex-wife calls with a problem. She's acquired a stalker, she's scared, and she wants to come "home". In Mercy's world, nothing is ever simple. The stalker isn't human, and is far more dangerous than anyone knows. Just to keep things interesting, the fae have decided they would like Mercy's walking stick back, and have added an ominous "or else" to their request. Mercy gave the walking stick to Coyote — and she has no idea how to contact him.
Mercy #9: Fire Touched 2016 ISBN: 0425256766
A troll attacks a bridge, bringing Mercy and the pack to the defense of the Humans. After the battle, an enigmatic fae boy is found begging for asylum. The Fae want him back, badly, but Mercy offers the boy sanctuary, placing the whole town under pack protection. Rash moves have consequences, and Adam and the pack are soon cut off from outside help, while the situation in the Tri-Cities heats up. Soon, they're engaged in a rescue mission to Underhill herself while things outside escalate toward the flash point.
Mercy #10: Silence Fallen 2017 ISBN: 0425281272
Attacked and abducted in her home territory, Mercy finds herself in the clutches of the most powerful vampire in the world, taken as weapon to use against alpha werewolf Adam and the ruler of the Tri-Cities vampires.
Mercy #11: Storm Cursed 2019 ISBN: 0425281299
Mercy and her pack have taken responsibility for the safety of their citizens in their territory but the reality is that nothing and no one is safe. As generals and politicians face off with the Gray Lords of the fae a storm is coming and her name is Death. But they are pack, and they have given their word. They will die to keep it.
Mercy #12: Smoke Bitten 2020 ISBN: 0440001552
Something has escaped from Underhill and it's on a killing spree in Columbia Basin Pack territory. The problem is that it can look like anyone and once it bites you it controls you. Mercy will do anything to stop it and she has the pack at her back but will it be enough?
Mercy #13: Soul Taken 2022 ISBN: 0440001617
Wulfe is missing and Marsilia thinks that Mercy and the pack is responsible for it. Mercy is tasked to find him to prevent damage to the werewolf/vampire alliance and along the way realizes that he's not the only preternatural who has disappeared in the Tri-Cities. Someone...or something is taking them. Is anyone's soul safe from the Harvester?
Mercy #14: Winter Lost 2024 ISBN: 0593438981
Mercy and Adam travel the winter roads to Montana to help her brother.

Alpha and Omega Series

Urban Fantasy
It is set in the same world as the Mercy Thompson Series, but on a slightly earlier time line. It begins with a novella titled Alpha and Omega published in the On the Prowl anthology. The decision to continue the story was made after the anthology had already been published, which has caused some confusion, since "book 1" is a actually a continuation of the short story. The series has plenty of action, but there's more emphasis in on the romantic attraction between the hero and heroine. On a romance-readers scale, this series is sweet rather than steamy.
Alpha&Omega #0.5: On The Prowl (Novella) 2007 ISBN: 0425216594
This anthology contains the novella Alpha and Omega, which is the beginning of the series. Anna was changed to a werewolf in a brutal attack, and abused by her pack for years. When she learns her alpha was involved in a murder, she summons up the courage to call the Marrok, the leader of all the North American werewolves.
Alpha and Omega is also available as an ebook, or in a limited edition hardcover from Subterranean Press.
Alpha&Omega #1: Cry Wolf 2008 ISBN: 0441016154
This is the first full-length book in the series. Anna and Charles are sent into the Cabinet wilderness of western Montana to hunt down a rogue werewolf. Of course, things are actually much, much worse than that.
Alpha&Omega #2: Hunting Ground 2009 ISBN: 044101738X
In the second book, the Marrok is going to make the werewolves publicly known. Anna and Charles fly to Seattle to handle the discussion. Unfortunately, not everyone thinks it's a good idea, and they're willing to murder anyone who disagrees.
Alpha&Omega #3: Fair Game 2012 ISBN: 0441020038
A serial killer is at large near Boston; a killer that likes to target werewolves. Anna is sent to help law enforcement unravel the clues, and Charles accompanies her. Of course, nothing is easy, and dangers lurk in unexpected places. The end of this book brings big changes to the world.
Alpha&Omega #4: Dead Heat 2015 ISBN: 0425256758
Charles decides to buy Anna a new horse for her birthday, and travels to Scottsdale to visit an old friend who happens to have a horse ranch. It's all fun and games until his friends family is targeted by some dark magic. It's high stakes and nonstop action for Charles and Anna.
Alpha&Omega #5: Burn Bright 2018 ISBN: 0425281310
Mated and married werewolves Charles and Anna Cornick face a threat like no other. One that lurks too close to home...
Alpha&Omega #6: Wild Sign 2021 ISBN: 0440001587
In the wilds of the Northern California mountains, all the inhabitants of a small town have gone missing. It's as if the people picked up and left everything they owned behind. Fearing something supernatural might be going on, the FBI taps a source they've consulted in the past: the werewolves Charles Cornick and Anna Latham. But Charles and Anna soon find a deserted town in the least of the mysteries they face.
Alpha&Omega #7: TBA 2025 ISBN: XXXXXXXX

Anthologies and Short Fiction *

Mostly Urban Fantasy
Patty is mostly a novelist, but she occasionally dabbles in shorter stories. These may borrow characters or settings from her novels, but are stand-alone stories that can be enjoyed on their own, or skipped without losing anything critical to the book series.
Wolfsbane and Mistletoe 2008 ISBN: 0441016332
A holiday-themed anthology of were-creatures edited by Charlaine Harris. Patty's story is entitled Star of David and features the Werewolf mercenary David Christensen who appeared briefly in Moon Called.
Homecoming (Graphic Novel) 2009 ISBN: 0345509889
This is a hard back graphic novel (comic book), which details how Mercy Thompson came to the Tri-Cities, and how she acquired her business. It's a prequel, but not necessary to understand the series.
Strange Brew 2009 ISBN: 0312383363
An anthology of witch stories edited by P. N. Elrod. Patty's story is called Seeing Eye and follows a blind witch who offers to help a werewolf free his brother from a powerful coven. These characters show up again in Hunting Ground.
Naked City 2011 ISBN: 0312385242
An Urban Fantasy Anthology. In Patty's story, Fairy Gifts a vampire is called home by magic to save the Fae who freed him from a dark curse.
Home Improvement 2011 ISBN: 0441020356
An Urban Fantasy Anthology. Patty's story, Gray is about a vampire who buys the home she once lived in, and finds that love, sometimes, endures beyond death.
Down These Strange Streets 2014 ISBN: 0441020747
Urban Fantasy Anthology. Some people are just jerks, like Warren's neighbors. Then there's the nasty witches, who seem to be after his boyfriend, Kyle. Apparently they've never heard that antagonizing a werewolf has consequences. The story is called, In Red, With Pearls.
Shifting Shadows 2014 ISBN: 0425265005
This is an anthology containing all of the previously-published short stories in the Mercy Thompson world as well as several original stories.
A Fantastic Holiday Season 2014 ISBN: 1614752028
A collection of urban fantasy Christmas stories. Patty's story is called "Unappreciated Gifts". Someone has issued a challenge to Asil — he must complete five blind dates that have been set up by an unknown pack member.
Fantastic Hope 2020 ISBN: 9780593099209
A sci-fi and fantasy anthology. Patty's story is called "Asil and Not Date".
Heroic Hearts 2022 ISBN: 9780593099193
A paranormal fantasy anthology celebrating heroes who do the right thing when they are called upon. Patty's story is called "Dating Terrors". Asil finds that an online date may lead to something more - if she can escape the dark magic binding her.
Instinct 2023 ASIN: BOBJ2S88P5
An animal rescuer anthology. Patty's story is called "A Memory of Witches".

Raven Duology

High Fantasy
This series is set in a medieval setting, with small clans of gypsy like people who often have magical talents. This series focuses on a retired warrior Tier, his traveler wife, Seraph, and their family. The first book can be read by itself, and resolves well. The sequel is best enjoyed after reading the first book.
Raven's Shadow 2004 ISBN: 044101187X
Tier and his family manage to eek out a bare living on their farm, until Tier fails to return from a trapping route. Seraph is told he's dead, but everywhere she turns she finds more evidence that something is not as it should be.
Raven's Strike 2005 ISBN: 0441013120
The family is reunited, but Tier has been badly damaged. He's also learned that there is a terrible evil loose upon the land, one that he and his family are uniquely qualified to confront.

Hurog Duology

This is a two-book series. Dragon Bones is a stand-alone story, which resolves the major plot threads nicely. Dragon Blood depends on the reader having some knowledge of the world, and references events from the previous book, and is best read after Dragon Bones.
Dragon Bones 2002 ISBN: 0441009166
Ward of Hurog has played dumb for years to convince his father, a local ruler, that he has no aspirations of rulership. When his father dies unexpectedly, he inherits a shaky leadership of an impoverished kingdom in a land ravaged by war. He also inherits the castle's ghost and a mysterious cache of dragon bones.
Dragon Blood 2003 ASIN: 0441010083
An escaped slave arrives in Hurog, bearing grim tidings. The high king has found a dangerous artifact that requires the blood of dragons to operate. He's looking for relatives of Hurog's ruling house, and Hurog's in no shape to handle serious fighting.

The Hob

Stand alone novel set in its own world.
The Hob's Bargain 2001 ISBN: 0441008135
Aren is a simple housewife, but catastrophic events leave here widowed and her town isolated in a world where magic has suddenly returned. To save her village, she must forge an alliance with a mischievous and powerful mountain-spririt called the Hob.

Sianim Series

Wolfsbane is a tightly-coupled sequel to Masques, and won't make much sense by itself. Other than Wolfsbane, this is a loosely-woven series, and the books can be read in any order. They share the same world, but each book is a stand-alone story with its own cast of characters.
Masques 1993 ISBN: 0441520995
Aralorn is a shape-shifting spy, assigned the mundane task of watching a powerful and well-loved high mage. Alas, the mage is evil, and has magically beguiled almost everyone around. Aralorn escapes his castle and plans to kill the mage, aided by her mysterious companion, Wolf.
Steal the Dragon 1995 ISBN: 0441002730
Rialla is an escaped slave working as a horse trainer in the mercenary-state of Sianim. The spy-master asks her to return to the land of her former captivity, playing the role of a slave once more in the hopes of averting an impending civil war.
When Demons Walk 1998 ISBN: 0441005349
Shamera was a noblewoman and a mage, but her master was brutally killed by an invisible attacker and her city conquered by foreigners. Now she's a thief, who has found her magic doubly useful in a culture that doesn't believe in it. However, the creature that killed her master has returned, leaving a trail of bodies in the castle, and the Lord seeks her help to stop the killings.
Masques (Rewritten) 2010 ISBN: 0441019420
Masques has been out of print for years, and is virtually impossible to find. The new release has been extensively re-written, but tells the same story. Available Oct. 2010.
Wolfsbane 2010 ISBN: 0441019544
This is a sequel to Masques, in which Aralorn's father is stricken by a magical malady, and Wolf and Aralorn must race to find a cure. Available Nov. 2010.

*These stories may reference events or characters seen in the series, but are not integral to the plot of the primary series.