Smoke Bitten Cover Reveal

Mercy Thompson Sticker Sheet Giveaway

July 17, 2019

Mercy Thompson #12: Smoke Bitten will be released on March 17, 2020. We're thrilled to show you the cover which is another gorgeous piece created by artist Dan Dos Santos. If you haven't already been there go and visit The Art of Dan Dos Santos to see more of his portfolio. There's also a great article on Tor from 2013 where Irene Gallo interviews Dan: Embodying Patricia Briggs' Mercy Thompson In Person and In Paint

If you're interested in learning more about Dan's process and thoughts on art we highly recommend heading over to Muddy Colors: A Fantasy Art Community. This will link you to a series of blog posts by Dan and there are a few there where he talks more in depth about his work on the Mercy Thompson covers.

When you visit Dan's site be sure to head to his store where you can find all the Mercy Thompson cover prints for sale and Smoke Bitten is already on pre-order! If you want to meet Dan in person, he's the Official Guest of the Art Show at this year's Dragon Con. And he'll be at MisCon 2020 as Artist Guest of Honor. Patty will be at both of those cons as well! Check the news section on Dan's website to see if he's coming to another location near you!

To celebrate the cover reveal of Smoke Bitten we're doing a giveaway of 5 Mercy Thompson cover sticker sheets that were generously supplied by Dan Dos Santos. The giveaway has no location restrictions so if you're an international reader please feel free to enter.

MisCon 2020!

by: Ann June 7, 2019

Oh, my goodness, huge excitement to share for next year!

There is a lovely convention in Missoula called MisCon that happens every Memorial weekend, that I go to almost every year - I love it; it's one of the most family friendly, fun conventions around. Patty has missed attending MisCon for several years because it's on the same weekend as one of her favorite horse shows (it's also one of the horse shows where she brings home lots of blue ribbons). However, when we found out that BOTH Charlaine Harris and Jim Butcher will be there next year, she couldn't resist - the lure of two of her favorite authors together actually overcame her desire for more blue ribbons, lol! So Patty, Charlaine and Jim will all be in Missoula in May of 2020 - you should check it out and come hang with us. This will be epic!!!
--Ann the trusty assistant
MisCon: Missoula, Montana May 22-25, 2020

Storm Cursed #2 NYT Bestseller

Thank You All!

May 16, 2019

Storm Cursed hit #2 on the NYT Combined Print and Ebook Bestseller List!!

That's all thanks to Patty's readers!

Everyone thank you so much for supporting Patty and being a fan of the Mercyverse.

Patty's Storm Cursed Signing Tour Dates

And Giveaways

April 19, 2019

Storm Cursed is set to be released on May 7th!

Patty's signing tour will kick off the same day. Be sure to check the appearances page for expanded signing tour details as well as stops that will happen later in the year.

In case you missed it, Ann posted this -- "We are super psyched to see Patty's fans next month and finally be able to chat about Storm Cursed - it is AMAZING, and I do think it's the best book yet! We can't wait to see you all!"--Ann the trusty assistant

We're also giving away two copies of Storm Cursed. One for US readers only (a big thanks to Patty's publisher for supplying this copy) and one for International readers only (that includes Canada). Be sure to enter the correct draw! Good luck everyone.

Happy April Fools' Day


By: Patty April 1, 2019

Dear People,

As you know, authors can burn out if they work on a series too long without a break, so I have decided to take a mental health break and put Mercy and Anna on the back burner. There are so many other people and places to explore in their world, and I'd like to try something a little more challenging.

Christy is a character to whom I've always felt drawn. She is complex and has deep down layers of vulnerability that I find very touching and compelling. And I feel that she has been underappreciated by readers -- and other characters alike. She has so many fine qualities that we haven't yet seen, and I'd love to help her change the world and grow as a person. I'm really looking forward to exploring her point of view.


Patricia Briggs

Is it May yet?

By: Linda Feb 26, 2019

A second snippet from Storm Cursed!

“Do we have the right to remain silent?” Mary Jo asked.

“You aren’t under arrest,” he said with a quelling look. “Not yet, anyway. As long as you didn’t kill him, you probably won’t be. But Captain Allen is coming in and asked me not to start anything until he gets here. This would have been a lot easier for you if you had called us in the first place. Before there was a dead goblin whose head is in the back of the car. You know better, Mary Jo; why didn’t you call us in?”

She looked pointedly at me.

“The farmer didn’t want to be responsible for getting people killed,” I explained. “I agreed with him. Goblins are outside your ability to deal with.”

Renny’s eyes got cold, and he studied me for a moment. “All due respect, ma’am, you don’t know what we are capable of dealing with.”

“All due respect, Renny,” said Mary Jo, “I have a pretty freaking good idea of your capabilities. And I think Mr. Traegar’s decision to bring us in first was the correct one. We don’t really know what we’re dealing with when it comes to the fae—there is no way that the sheriff’s office would. We had two werewolves, Mercy and the goblin king out there—and if it weren’t for the goblin king we’d have failed to bring him in ourselves.”

He gave her a look. “I am going to ignore—just for a minute—how much my geek side is loving that apparently there is a goblin king in the world. And that he is—again apparently—here in the Tri-Cities. Even knowing that David Bowie is gone, I am giddy about this.” He said all that in a very dry, professional tone.

I was starting to really like this guy.

There's a Storm coming

By: Linda Feb 15, 2019

Patty finished the final edits for Storm Cursed! The book will be released on May 7th so be sure to mark your calendars.

Anne Sowards, Patty's editor, has the advanced reading copies ready to head out to reviewers and took this great box full of Mercys picture.

Since not everyone can get an ARC we have a teaser to tide you over and you can also look forward to a more substantial excerpt closer to the release date.

Elizaveta was in Europe. She’d come to help me, and stayed when Bonarata had made her an interesting temporary job offer. But her family was still here and obliged to our pack.

I called Elizaveta’s number and a woman’s voice answered it, soft and Southern. “This is the home of Elizaveta Arkadyevna,” she said. “I’m afraid that she’s not here and her family is all tied up right now. What can I do to help you?”

No one in Elizaveta’s family had an accent like that. Elizaveta clung to her Russian accent, but everyone else sounded newscaster American, the born-in-the-Pacific-Northwest kind of voice.

I had a very bad feeling. Especially since I was pretty sure that her “all tied up” wasn’t a figure of speech. It wasn’t that I could tell if she was lying or not—over the phone, sometimes I can tell and sometimes I can’t. It was that I heard the sound of people in pain.

I cut the line. There was nothing I could say that would be useful under the circumstances. Coincidences are always possible, even if unlikely.

Wait! This Book Isn't The END of the Mercy series is it??

A few readers have asked if Storm Cursed is the end of the series. Definitely not! Patty has plenty more stories planned in the Mercyverse...

Mercy #12 in 2020
Alpha and Omega #6 in 2021
Tom and Moira #1

Where in the world is Patty in 2019?

If you want to see Patty in person be sure to check out her appearances page to see if she's coming to a location near you. We're going to be updating that page quite a bit in the next few months especially when the Storm Cursed signing tour stops are finalized but she has two appearances coming up soon.

Emerald City Comic Con in Seattle March 14-17 and Planet Comic Con in Kansas City March 29-31.