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Marrok Pack AKA Aspen Creek Pack | Active

Details are updated as of the most recent Mercyverse published work


Burn Bright

  • filled with all the crazies Bran didn't trust with any other Alpha, but it wasn't filled with stupid people with death wishes—those ended up with the wildlings114

Location & Relocation

Aspen Creek, Montana

Pack House/Den

Hunting Grounds

Witch on Retainer

Miscellaneous Notes

Moon Called

  • twice a year the Alphas meet with Bran at Bran's corporate headquarters in Colorado; they sometimes brought their seconds or thirds - but never the women203

Bone Crossed

  • where the oldest wolves often came to die107

Cry Wolf

  • pack has a six-passenger, twin-engine Lear jet20

Hunting Ground

  • Lear Jet17

Fair Game

  • [The Corporation] | Aspen Creek, Inc121
  • the pack's corporation had condos all over the place; it made travel more discreet, no hotel charges, no strangers coming in to clean every day71

Burn Bright

  • the pack lands are riddled with creeks and brooks and puddles18
  • some members of the pack lived almost as remotely as the wildlings108

Wild Sign

  • music was everywhere11

Appearances & Mentions

Pack Members

Past the Alpha & Team section pack members are listed in alphabetical order. Dominant members are noted but order of dominance past the main team is not due to fluidity.

Approximate Size

Moon Called

  • was seventy wolves

Cry Wolf

  • thirty-two wolves273
Alpha & Leadership Team
Position Name Mate/SO Notes
Alpha Bran Cornick Leah Cornick Marrok
Second Charles Cornick Anna Cornick
Third Asil Moreno
Third Samuel Cornick
Omega Anna Cornick Charles Cornick
Submissive Werewolves (2+) Submissives

Active Pack Members


Deceased Pack Members

Both recent and historical mentions of pack member death.

Deceased Pack Members
Name Notes Source
Bryan Suicide: Drowning Moon Called
Carter Wallace Put down by Bran Cornick Moon Called
Gerry Wallace Executed by Samuel Cornick Moon Called
Great-Uncle Thompson Wild Animal Attack: Moose Moon Called
Henry Wallace N/A Cry Wolf
Sage Carhardt Executed by Asil Moreno Burn Bright


Mostly belonged to the Marrok alone. Not a separate pack but bound to the Marrok's will and magic by blood and flesh.

Name Notes
Fenrir Twin
Geir Twin
Ofaeti Younger brother to Twins
Wildlings (13)
Wellesley Curse Lifted
Deceased Wildlings
Name Notes Source
Devon Murdered by Sage Carhardt Burn Bright
Hester Murdered by Sniper Burn Bright
Jericho Skinwalker Grandma Daisy Hardesty Burn Bright
Jonesy Suicide Burn Bright
Wildling Experiment Omega Experiment Burn Bright
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