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Chicago Pack (1) Western Suburbs | Active

Details are updated as of the most recent Mercyverse published work


Location & Relocation

Naperville, Illinois

Pack House/Den

Cry Wolf

  • pack has a mansion in Naperville15

Hunting Grounds

Witch on Retainer

Cry Wolf

  • shares witch with other Chicago pack219

Miscellaneous Notes

Alpha & Omega Novella

  • Leo killed a lot of people over the past few years in order to keep the number of the pack where it is
  • all the women except Alpha Mate killed; most of older wolves who would have objected when Leo started attacking innocent people
  • cannot enter the territory of Chicago Pack (2)
  • the Loop is neutral territory; pack can't go north of it unless they have special permission

Cry Wolf

  • the pack has an accountant09

Appearances & Mentions

Pack Members

Past the Alpha & Team section pack members are listed in alphabetical order. Dominant members are noted but order of dominance past the main team is not due to fluidity.

Approximate Size

Alpha & Omega Novella

  • under Leo they lost a third of the pack membership; replaced with forced changes
  • twenty-six members

Alpha & Team

The pack Alpha and their main leadership team in addition to notable pack positions (if filled). Mates are mentioned due to shared power within the pack and significant others (SO) for quick reference.

Alpha & Leadership Team
Position Name Mate/SO Notes
Alpha Boyd Hamilton Previous Third
Alpha Leo James Isabelle
Second Justin
Second Harvey Adler
Third Boyd Hamilton
Submissive Thomas Thomas Wife
Submissive Werewolf Submissive

Active Pack Members

Active Pack Members
Name Mate/SO Notes
George (C)
Rashid Doctor


To The Pack
Name Previous Pack Notes Source
Away From The Pack
Name New Pack Notes Source
Anna Cornick Aspen Creek Pack Relocation Alpha & Omega Novella

Deceased Pack Members

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