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Sherwood Post


Witchbane or Witch's Spawn SC-101

Physical Description


He is missing his left leg below the knee FT-191 & SC-224.

He has big hands SC-72.


His wolf has golden eyes SC-217.


He is missing his left leg below the knee FT-191 & SC-224. Bran “Couldn't do anything that could make Sherwood's leg regrow.” FT-192

Appearances & Mentions

Fire Touched
Storm Cursed
Smoke Bitten
Burn Bright
Wild Sign





Family & Significant Other


He works at Lampson. He helps translate (Russian and English) and carries around 300 pound bars of steel. FT-190 & 194

Character Traits & Facts

Vehicle: 4 year old Toyota SC-217

Pet: He has a cat named Pirate. SC-301

  • Black and white fur
  • Missing an eye
  • When Sherwood rescued the cat from Elizaveta's house he was “Somewhere between kitten and cat.” SC-69
  • Has no trouble with werewolves SC-301

Sherwood brings Pirate over to the house every time he comes over. Madea hides from Pirate. SC-301


A few centuries back, he and Abraham Lessing were captured by a powerful black witch named Lieza who was a Love Talker and could create Zombies. She made Abraham into a zombie and used Sherwood to power her spells. Sherwood killed her. SC-295

Sherwood was kidnapped again by witches after killing Lieza and ended up in a silver cage in Seattle. Four to five years before Fire Touched (1-2 years before Moon Called) Sherwood was rescued from these witches by the Emerald City Pack. FT-191

Education, Work Experience & Languages

Work Experience

He has worked at Lampson since the 3rd day he moved to the Tri-Cities. FT-198 Which was about a month before the events of Fire Touched. FT-191


He can speak Russian and English without an accent. FT-194

He can speak German. SC-298

Spirituality & Personality

The first month in the Columbia Basin Pack he is too quiet and too polite. Even when Mercy tried to start a conversation with him, he would only respond with “Yes, ma'am” and “No, ma'am”. FT-191

He is masculine, reserved, and gruffly kind. SC-97

Talents & Skills

His movement when guarding Mercy made her think he's been a body guard a time or two. SC-218

His preferred bladed weapon is an ax. FT-202 He fought like a man who grew up fighting with an ax. FT-210

Shifting Abilities

He can change certain parts of his body that he needs quickly (hands are fully human while the rest of his body is still shifting). “The Moor and a few other older werewolves can” do it. SC-100.

He can shift quickly. Not as quickly as Mercy, “But more quickly than I'd seen anyone else change except Bran's son Charles or an Alpha wolf pulling power from the pack.” SC-98

Magic Abilities

  • Mercy cannot tell what kind of magic Sherwood uses, which is a rarity for her. “Not werewolf magic…more primal. More wild. And I [Mercy] didn't think there was a thing more wild than pack magic.” SC-97
  • Sherwood uses singing with his magic when fighting the zombie werewolf. SC-96 Also, when he was braking the curse on Ruth, “He said three…somethings. They sounded more like musical notes than words, but they were more complex than a single note, as if he could form a cord with his human throat.” SC-227
  • His magic can cleanse black magic residue. SC-96
  • He can do magic using drawn circles (used to break a curse). SC-224
  • He can light a Candle by saying a word.SC-226
  • Sherwood's wolf can see magic. “Again, [I] had the impression that he could see something I could not. As if the patterns of magic were something his eyes could perceive.” SC-224 &226

Health & Fitness


Sherwood likes to have conversations to keep relaxed and ready before a fight. FT-203

“The old Sherwood Post hadn't sought out werewolf company, and when he had, he'd often used a name other than his own.” WS Ch 2


He was someone who Bran loved. WS-Ch2

Sherwood was close to “Abraham Lessing, a London wolf who disappeared a couple of hundred years ago” and was turned into a zombie which Sherwood destroyed in Storm Cursed. SC-98, 101, & 302

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