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Werewolf Packs

Expanded section that lists all known werewolf packs in the Mercyverse. Links from here will expand pack details.

Identified Werewolves

This section contains a snapshot list of all identified werewolves in the Mercyverse. Links will expand to individual character pages.

General Werewolf Facts & Behavior

General Werewolf Facts & Behavior is broken down by book series and short fiction.

The Conclave & The Reveal

The Conclave is a biannual meeting of the Marrok and his Alphas. Werewolf business operations.
The Reveal is both the lead up and the eventual reveal of the werewolves to the general human population as well as its repercussions.

Werewolf Physiology

Werewolf Physiology expands on anatomically what it means to be a werewolf.

The Effects of Silver

How to Kill a Werewolf

The Change & Shifting

The Change is when a human is savaged and brought over by werewolf magic. Shifting or change is when a werewolf shapeshifts into they're wolf self.

The Marrok & Pack Dynamics

The Marrok

Marrok is the Wolf Who Rules. He is the leader of the North American werewolves but also the de facto leader of all werewolves.

Pack Dynamics

Pack Dynamics delve further into the pack concept and hierarchy of the werewolves.

New Werewolves

Old Werewolves

Pack Hierarchy





Female Werewolves

LQBTQIA2S+ Werewolves

Outside Pack Hierarchy

Lone Wolves

Rogue Wolves


Pack Magic, Ceremonies & Ritual Behavior

The October Change

Joining a Pack

Mating Bonds

Pack Bonds

Pack Laws

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