Traveler's Orders

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The magic of the Travelers is divided into Orders. Each Order has a totem bird; those Travelers who are Order born are often referred to only by that totem: Owl, Raven, Lark, Cormorant, Falcon and Eagle depending upon the Order they hold.

While this system works nicely in the book, it's a little confusing for a reader. I am fortunate enough to have, among my circle of friends, a number of talented people. Robin Walker is an amazing artist, who used to draw illustrations of birds, fish and insects (and pieces thereof) for various scientific publications. I asked her to draw a simple list of birds with their major talents beside them. She quizzed me for some time over numerous details, and I told about a temple ceiling in the book which had all of the birds worked into a circle, each one following the other. When she showed me the finished work I was amazed! She's taken the idea from the temple roof, mixed in a bit of Escher, and maybe a touch of Native American art. Robin, THANK YOU.