2021 Virtual & In Person Appearances

Due to Covid-19 Restrictions - No Wild Sign In-Person Signing Tour

Geez, I really miss traveling and meeting all of Patty's amazing fans!

This is the second year we will miss out on doing a book signing tour for the new book, sigh. However, Patty's amazing publicist has arranged some Zoom events so you all can see Patty being brave by doing on-line events! For those of you who don't know, Patty would rather hang from the ceiling by her toenails than do on-line events, because she worries so much afterwards about what she should or shouldn't have said or should or shouldn't have done... she worries so much that it's not even fun any more to make up stuff to tease and harass her! 😁 (not that this stops me, mind you) But because she loves you all, she will do it! Here's the two events that have been confirmed so far; hope to see a lot of you folks virtually next month, and maybe next year we can do this in person again, knock on wood!

FYI, Patty will be signing books for both of these bookstores, as well as for The Signed Page, so you can order your autographed copies from them! You are also welcome to send your books to Patty for autographs any time as well; we ask that you include a stamped and self addressed envelope so we can send the books right back and a note saying how you want her to sign them ("Patty loves me best," etc.).

Our mailing address is P.O. Box 5394, Benton City, WA, 99320.
--Ann the trusty assistant

March 16, 2021
University BookStore - Seattle
Zoom Live Event
Begins 6:00PM PST

Interview and Q&A, moderated by University Book Store

March 20, 2021
Murder By The Book
Zoom Live Event
Begins 5:00PM PST

Interview and Q&A, moderated by Chelsea Mueller (Vampire Book Club)

Two Ways To Watch:

On Facebook: VIDEOS
April 21, 2021
Schuler Bookstore, Michigan
Zoom Live Event
Begins 4:00PM PDT

June 25-27, 2021
Virtual LibertyCon
Virtual Liberty Con
Patty is the Literary Guest of Honor & Attending LibertyCon 2022 In Person

September 2-6, 2021 Atlanta, GA
In Person Event! Dragon Con 2021
Attending In Person Event
Patty, Ann and Dan dos Santos all attending