April Fool's Joke

Press Release

April 2, 2023

As many of you guessed the "Press Release" below was an April Fool's Joke from the evil minds of Patty and Ann! Hope you got a laugh from it, we were cracking up at all of your reactions. Thanks for playing along!

New York Times Best Selling Author Patricia Briggs’ office confirms the donation of the rights to produce an adaptation of the Mercy Thompson series to a local Tri-Cities high school, to be used as a fund raiser for their miniature goat barn raising. The Finnish language class of Richland High School (Home of the Bombers) has also received a substantial grant from the Cumbric Preservation Society, which will be used to produce the Claymation animation (with Finish Subtitles for class credit) of Briggs’ best selling series.

Briggs’ office also confirms that, per the terms of Patty’s legal agreement with Amazon, all characters featured in this adaptation must be written out of future books, so fans will no longer be able to read about the adventures of fan favorite characters Jesse, Tad, and Medea. Briggs has assured her fans that their demise will be painless and quick, and the memorials will be tasteful.

Press Contact: Ann Peters
Email: ann@hurog.com