The City of Collasae

Traveler Map

So, the intrepid adventurers finally arrive at the forbidden city . . . now what? When I write city scenes I need a map. Like usual, I make do with a few scrawling lines on the back of a convenient paper. Here's the main gate, and a central square, a merchant district . . . and suddenly the characters have a new setting to explore. As the city scene grows in scope, however, the reader's memory is often taxed, "I thought it was only short walk from the central square to the lord's manor. . . and wasn't there a postern gate in the western wall?" Suddenly, the setting is muddy, the geography confused, and the reader frustrated. "If only they had my map . . .!" I sigh, looking at the now-tattered and pathetic rag covered with scribbles, erasures, and notes.

So, where does one go to get a detailed city map of an imaginary city? By now, my regular readers know the answer. I go to my dear friend and valued cartographer Michael Enzweiler. The requirements are simple, draw a map of a complex city, using sketchy information, and try to make it appropriate in style to a fantasy novel. Writing books is easy compared to illustrating them! As usual, Michael's work exceeded all expectations, and I couldn't be happier. Thank's Michael!

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