We've made a few "Mercy's Garage" jackets with an embroidered logo, which came out beautifully. Unfortunately, they end up costing us about $150.00 each to produce, which makes them too expensive to produce and stock in the store. We have come up with two ways you can get the "Mercy's Garage" logo on your favorite jacket or book bag.

For those who really want direct embroidery, the pattern (in *.dst format) is available. This is the same file we made our jackets with, and it has about 123,000 stitches so don't be surprised when your embroidery shop wants a fortune to apply it. You can download it here: mercy.dst. The pattern is free, and you're welcome to apply it to whatever you'd like.

We were also able to locate a company that produces very high quality embroidered patches, and found that we could get some amazing embroidered patches for a fraction of the cost of direct embroidery. This seems like the perfect solution. The customer gets to pick the brand, style and color of clothing they like, then apply a very nice embroidered patch. We don't have to stock dozens or hundreds of jackets!

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