Chat Transcript: Jan 6 '08

6:03 Patty Patty joins Main
6:02 jen77 hi patty
6:02 kathleen and yet we survived
6:02 Awahili and very tough apparently
6:02 Taranis Cole, don't get in GreyDrakkon's way...
6:02 charmed Hi Patty
6:02 FireCatZ miss spent youth
6:02 Spring Welcome Patty
6:02 Has Hi Patty
6:02 Nottled Hi Patty.
6:02 Tasha you guys sound like you get into too many accidents! maybe you should wear more padding!!
6:02 Faer Hi patty! I'm excited to meet you.
6:02 Taranis Hey Patty!! Welcome!
6:02 EternalOne 'ELLO PATTY!!!!!
6:03 Awahili Patty!
6:03 kathleen naw...have enough of that! lol
6:03 EvieO Hello, Patty. :)
6:03 FireCatZ Hello Patty!!!!!!!
6:03 EternalOne Hope you had a safe trip....
6:03 Raven Hi Patty
6:03 FairyFreak Hello Patty
6:03 kathleen Hi Patty!!
6:03 Patty Hi Folks. Sorry I missed yesterday. Really Sorry. You are much more fun than sitting around the Seattle Airport for 6 +hours.
6:03 cherdabear Hello Patty
6:03 Perkinator Hello Patty. I hope your airport wait wasn't too horrible.
6:03 Faer LOL
6:03 Awahili How's Miker?
6:03 Jerseybean Hi Patty
6:03 Perkinator Lol..I have done that before Patty.
6:03 charmed 6 hours? yuck
6:03 EternalOne no doubt about that
6:03 kathleen Just have to get this out of the way..LOVE YOUR BOOKS
6:03 FireCatZ LOL
6:03 Patty Not too bad -- the Borders store had Iron Kissed
6:03 EvieO I once spent 12 hours in Denver.
6:03 Taranis bummer dude
6:03 cherdabear Airports aren't fun
6:03 Tasha i feel your pain... i was trying to home to sfo yesterday.... 5 hrs
6:03 Tasha no fun
6:03 charmed did yiu sign any?
6:04 Perkinator I do like the canoe hanging in one of the terminals.
6:04 Patty Mike's fine. In playing guitar right now
6:04 EternalOne HEHEHE
6:04 Faer LOL... I haven't read it yet, my parents aren't really rich and we don't have the money
6:04 Patty Of course I signed them
6:04 Faer I play guitar, that's so cool!
6:04 charmed lol
6:04 CRash someone's going to be happy
6:04 GreyDrakkon back
6:04 EternalOne multi talented here people, patty is
6:04 Patty Faer -- LIbraries are good and they take requests
6:04 Perkinator Non Musical.
6:04 FireCatZ Hey Faer I have 2 extra copies want one
6:04 kathleen OK...can we ask questions about IK?
6:05 Tasha loved the book btw
6:05 Patty Welcome everyone!
6:05 EternalOne thank you
6:05 Faer But, my dad has a B&N card he got for Christmas!
6:05 Raven ty
6:05 Awahili thks
6:05 EvieO Thank you.
6:05 FireCatZ Thanks
6:05 Faer thnx
6:05 Jerseybean Ta
6:05 Taranis Hey, Patti, Grey, how are we going to regulate SPOILER questions??
6:05 kathleen ty
6:05 Patty I had fun putting faces to a few names at the signings in Portland and Seattle
6:05 Faer Because I haven't rea IK!
6:05 Taranis
6:05 Tasha you coming to SF to sign anytime soon ;)
6:06 Has I wish I was there- but I am a happy bunny that im getting a signed copy
6:06 Faer I want to meet you in person someday, you were really nice about answering my e-mail
6:06 Taranis that's what I'm worried about, Faer
6:06 kathleen that is why i want to know because i don't want to spoil by asking questions
6:06 Cole Rules are one question at a time by going in order on the list in the side panel if you dont have a question say skip me and well come back to you later
6:06 EternalOne yeah, i'd make a drive down there to get a signed copy
6:06 Cole that means Raven ha first question
6:07 FireCatZ Patty you every come to North Carolina
6:07 Has I hope there will be an opportunity for you to cross the great pond and come to London
6:07 Jerseybean second that Has
6:07 Patty HAS -- me too. I'd love to travel a bit.
6:07 Faer I want you to come to Connecticut, but with my luck it won't happen DX
6:07 Raven sence she is makin her choice will thier be a babu for her in the future?
6:07 Spring I am looking forward to your east coast venture!
6:07 Perkinator .
6:08 kathleen ohhh good question
6:08 Raven baby*
6:08 Faer Yah
6:08 GreyDrakkon Faer, I was in RI over christmas
6:08 Faer Never been to RI - just moved to CT from CA a few years ago.
6:09 GreyDrakkon well...It is rather easy to miss. :/
6:09 Patty Not in the immediate future. I think babies have their own priorities -- priorities that make it difficult to write a good action/adventure novel series.
6:09 charmed I'm in MA
6:09 kathleen am I next
6:09 kathleen ?
6:09 Faer Makes sense, Patty.
6:09 Nottled Are we talking about Iron Kissed or not, Grey?
6:09 Tasha makes sense
6:09 Raven kk ty
6:09 Taranis Especially when the heroine is busy slayign all sorts of mosnters
6:09 Faer Yah.
6:09 Cole kathleen
6:09 cherdabear excellent point
6:09 Raven true
6:09 GreyDrakkon Patty, did Mike mention to you about timing IK questions for later?
6:10 Raven but i had to ask
6:10 CRash she just needs one of those baby carriers...
6:10 kathleen who owes who in the debts department in IK? without using any names
6:10 Raven lol
6:10 Patty Grey -- that sounds good -- maybe after 7pm?
6:10 Faer That works, Kathleen.
6:10 kathleen because i don't want to spoil anything for people who haven't read
6:10 kathleen the IK
6:10 charmed so that would be about an hor from now?
6:10 Cole that is nine EST
6:11 Faer Depends.
6:11 charmed ty
6:11 GreyDrakkon alright, in that case at a certain point it will be announced that IK questions will be allowed, and if you don't want to read 'em you have fair warning
6:11 Has thats 2 am here
6:11 Patty Kathleen -- I think the fae owe Mercy a bit -- but she's not going to try collect. Collecting debts from the fae can be dangerous.
6:11 Patty That's not much of a spoiler
6:11 kathleen that makes sense
6:11 kathleen ty
6:11 Faer Makes a lot of sense.
6:12 Faer WHo next?
6:12 Nottled Hi Patty! First time chatter, long time fan......are the wolves capable of infidelity? I know the wolf half is mated for life by can the human every override those instincts?
6:12 Cole nottled
6:12 Patty HAS if you want to talk IK, we'll have another chat later in January that'll be a better time for you. TBA later
6:13 Nottled Holy typos, Batman.
6:13 Faer LOL
6:13 Has no worries patty- I dont need to get up early - I still have a 2 week break - just hope future chats are on a sat or fri
6:13 Faer I remember someone on a chat board who claimed their attack was the Typo of Doom.
6:13 Nottled Ha ha ha.
6:14 Patty Nottled -- well Leo's mate showed that it Could be done. It isn't common -- and she was crazy as a bat.
6:14 Awahili lol, that's the truth
6:14 Nottled That's true.
6:14 Faer My turn, right?
6:14 Cole Faer
6:14 Spring Please make it Saturday night and not Friday night.
6:14 Taranis Yay, I just read Alpha and Omega for the first time and LOVED it!!
6:14 Patty It is a lot more unusual than with humans. And remember -- a wolf can't lie to another wolf. But yes. It does happen, usually with consequences
6:14 Faer Patty, if you ever heard of a Mercy movie, would you right the screenplay?
6:15 CRash I bought Alpha and Omega today so I could read it before the chat
6:15 Faer Erm, write.
6:15 Nottled Horribly bloody ones, I'd imagine.
6:15 Patty No. I'd leave it to people who know how to write screenplays. I have agreed to write the adaptation of Moon Called to comic book format though. Alas for me, I'm a control freak.
6:16 Nottled Taranis, wasn't it great? I love Charles. He's magically babelicious.
6:16 Awahili sweet
6:16 charmed a comic book format? that is excelent news
6:16 Awahili my friend works at a comic shop!
6:16 Perkinator Charles just cracks me up...
6:16 Taranis Nottled, I wasnt' expecting to like it as much, if not more than the Mercy books!
6:16 Jessica Hello! Not sure if it's my turn yet for a question? Does it ever happen that a female;s wolf chooses her mate before te male chooses her? How much choice do female werewolves really get?
6:16 Faer Mmkay. I just hope whoever does the sceenplay (if ther is one) avoids the Eragon situation.
6:16 Has I cant wait to see MC in comic book format- I hope the rest of the seris follows
6:16 Nottled Oooo, it'll be nice to see how they draw all the characters.
6:16 Tasha the "to be continued" sucked though!!
6:17 Patty The first one is coming out, I think in May -- from the Dabel brothers who have done such a good job with Anita Blake.
6:17 missy That is so cool!!! I cannot wait!!!
6:17 Tasha thats great
6:17 kathleen yeah but the book Cry Wolf will be out this summer
6:17 Nottled I know, RIGHT? I love the Montana pack. More, more, more!
6:17 kathleen about the Alpha and the Omega
6:17 Faer It's Has's turn
6:17 Cole Has, your turn
6:17 Spring I wonder when DB brothers will post it on their site
6:17 Has sorry
6:18 Tasha i don't want to wait that long though!
6:18 Patty Jessica, I'm answering questions in order from the list on the side of your screen -- so we started with Raven and we're up to HAS
6:18 Has umm is the timeline of the anna and charles will end up the same time as the mercy books
6:18 Has i had the question typed up and i lost it ughhh
6:18 EternalOne Missy's here!!!!!!
6:18 kathleen yes, but waiting for it will make it sweeter to read!
6:18 Jessica aha! thank you!
6:18 Tasha true.
6:18 missy Hey EternalOne you made it!!!
6:19 Faer Hiya Missy, member me?
6:19 Patty I pay attention to the timeline (so characters aren't in two places at once). And I think it will be easier for readers if the timeline isn't quite so divergent. Once I get Anna and Charles past the coming out of the werewolves, it should be easier though.
6:19 missy Yes I do, How you Been!!!!
6:19 Patty So the answer is -- I hope so.
6:19 Faer Good! Got here an hour early.
6:20 missy LOL I got here a little Late!!!!
6:20 GreyDrakkon (private conversations can be had by clicking on the person you want to talk to's name, and select "private message"
6:20 Has cool
6:20 EternalOne i've been checking in here all day just so see which ppl come
6:20 EternalOne my bad Grey sorry
6:20 Faer Sry, Grey... *sheepish*
6:20 Nottled Oooops. Should we all be quiet?
6:21 Cole 6:21 CRash *crickets chirp*
6:21 GreyDrakkon (just so the question/answers don't get all jumbled. No problem Eternal, not everone knows about 'em ;) )
6:21 Cole it would be polite
6:21 Patty Jerseybean (I wave hello) Do you have a question for me?
6:21 Cole Jersey been your turn
6:21 EternalOne * shuts up now*
6:21 missy SORRY
6:21 Jerseybean * waves back* don't mind me, I'm lurking until inspiration hits, thanks
6:22 Patty All right-- Cole?
6:22 Cole ill skip im wait another hour
6:22 Taranis heehe
6:22 Patty Okay EternalOne
6:22 Cole eterna;
6:22 Faer Eternal, your turn!
6:22 Cole sorry Eternal
6:22 EternalOne okay
6:23 Patty anxious people want to know . . .
6:23 EternalOne is Mercy's dad, Joe Old Coyote the Trickster in the Native American legends or did he belong to his own tribe or w/e?
6:23 Patty Ahem, but no shouting people . . .
6:23 Faer You stole that from me!
6:24 EternalOne im under pressure here ppl.....
6:24 Faer Still, come up w/ your own.
6:24 EternalOne im also very astute
6:25 Patty No he's not the trickster. He's a Blackfoot/Blackfeet -- I have talked to a lot of people who should know which name is proper, but keep getting different answers
6:25 Faer Mkay. Still, it was very suspicious.
6:25 Patty I don't know a lot about him yet -- but I expect we well.
6:25 Tasha cool
6:25 Taranis oooo! mystery...
6:26 Spring cann't wait to find out more
6:26 Faer Probably the name came from NA legend.
6:26 Patty Coyote is Coyote (the Trickster ). He is not a walker. He is just himself. He told me that he will not be making an actual appearance in the series though . . .
6:26 Cole Perkinator
6:26 Faer Maybe his family knew a little more about the walker thing than Mercy does.
6:26 Faer Yay!
6:26 Has I think Bran knows more than he is letting on
6:26 Perkinator Ok..My turn?
6:27 Faer I mean darn, I read that wrong.
6:27 EternalOne very intriguing Patty. Thank you very very much
6:27 Cole yes
6:27 Patty Old Coyote is an actual name owned by a Browning MT family. It was so . . . appropriate I just had to use it.
6:28 Perkinator got caught napping. Ok. Will we see more of Mercy's family in the next book...I mean..Mercy avoids them like the plague..But nothing is scarier than a Mom on a mission.
6:28 Taranis I'm sure they'd be proud to make it into the books!
6:28 EternalOne true!
6:28 Patty Yes. Mercy's mom is definately in the next book.
6:28 EternalOne coolness
6:28 GreyDrakkon oh no! ;D
6:28 Taranis cool
6:28 Tasha man now i really can't wait!
6:28 Cole uhooh
6:29 CRash that should be interesting...
6:29 Patty I think her stepfather also, though I'm still playing with that.
6:29 kathleen can't wait to meet Mercy's mom..she will be very entertaining!
6:29 Perkinator lol....
6:29 Patty You'll like them.
6:29 Faer Neat!
6:29 FairyFreak I am a huge fan but my question already got asked so you can skip me
6:29 Has yay thats gonna be interesting lol
6:29 Cole Jenn your turn
6:29 EternalOne who asked your q fairy?
6:29 Faer See, I read somewhere that in modern legends the Trickster appears as old joe coyote...
6:29 EternalOne nvr mind
6:29 Patty Hello FairyFreak (curtseys)
6:29 Jenn I know you are busy with Mercy,Charles and Masques but will there be a sequel to When Demons Walk
6:30 FairyFreak perkinator
6:30 FairyFreak so we have the same thinking .
6:30 FairyFreak you can skip me thank you
6:31 cherdabear That is my fav. one Jenn
6:31 Faer Jenn - Mom wanted me to ask that I gusess great minds thik alike :)
6:31 Faer I REALLY liked that book.
6:31 Spring I Loved When Demons Walk and really hope Patty you at least let the idea float
6:31 Jenn
6:31 Tasha ditto
6:31 Patty Jenn. The next traditional fantasy you can expect to see is the revision of Masques/wolvesbane -- as that's been promised a long time. After that I'm almost sure I'm working on a third Dragon/Hurog book. After that it is too dark for me to see. . . though I wouldn't mind. Sham is one of my favorite characters to write.
6:32 Jenn Thank you Patty. That is my fav book also
6:32 Tasha so the answer is maybe but not in the near future * sigh*
6:32 Taranis YAY!! more hurog is coming!
6:32 Faer Sham is one of my favorites to READ
6:32 Patty Tasha, that's my take on it.
6:32 EternalOne i've only read the mercy series
6:32 Spring Sham is great and besides you left that big gap at the end with something strange happening at the Springs
6:33 Cole charmed
6:33 charmed this is for Sofy who couldn't be here tonight: will your books be translated into French? particularly the Mercy ones
6:33 Faer Sham is a character type I've always loved.
6:33 Patty WDW was written as the start of a series. But my sales were such that I decided a prudent writer would prepare to change her name. So I wrote Hob's Bargain, which was not set in the same world.
6:34 kathleen Hob's Bargain is VERY good...loved it :)
6:34 Tasha haven't read that one yet
6:34 Jenn EternalOne you dfinitely need to read it. Fantastic story
6:34 kathleen try to get it...worth every penny :):)
6:34 Has Ditto
6:34 Faer Read WDW AND Steal the Dragon.
6:34 Spring I'm sure now you would see a different outcome
6:35 EternalOne I may find time for it later this year. probly summer time
6:35 Patty Charmed, I have a couple of French publishers who have written me expressing interest, but so far I haven't seen any contracts from my agents in the matter. However there is a graphic novel publisher who has been very persistant (poor dear) in the face of the lack of information I could give her (since the deal with the Dabel brothers have taken such a long time).
6:35 FireCatZ WDW and Steal were great, glad there will be more
6:35 Faer I loved Steal the Dragon too, mom read it to me when I was sick, same as WDW.
6:35 charmed ty
6:35 Faer I was immediately hooked.
6:36 FireCatZ me too Faer
6:36 EternalOne Im really intrigued by the thought of a graphic novel on Mercy
6:36 Patty Anyway I think that it will certainly appear as a graphic novel in French. And probably in print, too.
6:36 Taranis When does the graphic format come out?
6:36 charmed oh she will love that!
6:36 Faer THat's neat. I think that people EVERYWHERE should get to read your books, they're that good!
6:36 FireCatZ would love to layout translated novels
6:37 EternalOne who's turn is it?
6:37 Has thats fantastic!!!
6:37 Patty In English, the first installment is set for April, I think. Things are happening pretty fast and I'm not entirely certain I remember the date correctly.
6:37 Faer GreyDrakkon, you're up
6:37 Tasha greydrakkon i think
6:37 Taranis thanks
6:37 GreyDrakkon I'm asking this for Elle, who couldn't make it tonight. "I was just curious if the short story in Wolfsbane and Misletoe is with characters we know. Charles and Anna maybe? Or even Mercy and Adam."
6:38 Patty Actually, it's David from Moon Called. Remember the mercenary?
6:38 GreyDrakkon Oho
6:38 Taranis oh cool!!
6:38 kathleen oooohhh cooll
6:38 Spring cool!
6:38 cherdabear that sounds interesting
6:38 cherdabear 6:38 Tasha oh sweet!!!
6:38 Cole sweet another to add to my list
6:38 kathleen perhaps he will find happiness
6:38 Patty I'm having a ball with it -- despite having to write the darn thing a second time from a different viewpoint.
6:38 GreyDrakkon I'm sure she'll be interested to hear that. ;)
6:39 Patty It isn't a romance though.
6:39 Raven wich 1 was he?
6:39 Perkinator 6:39 Cole adams war buddy
6:39 Raven ok
6:39 Patty David's the lone wolf who the villain brought in. The one who approached Mercy because he only fights for the good guys.
6:39 Raven lol
6:39 Raven ok
6:39 EternalOne the rogue wolf with the 2 grandsons?
6:39 Spring poster boy
6:39 Patty Yes
6:39 Raven cause there where a few
6:39 EternalOne yes that one
6:40 Jane So how many books exactly are going to be in the Mercy series?
6:40 Patty Awahili, you are up.
6:40 Awahili What happens if a local lone wolf is more dominant than the resident pack’s Alpha? Would the pack kill him if they ever ran into him?
6:40 Alice Oh, this is so exciting!
6:40 Tasha good question
6:40 EternalOne Mercy broke one of the grandsons' nose when they were 1st at her house
6:40 Patty Jane, we're taking questions from people in order based on the list that should be on the right side of your screen.
6:40 kathleen wouldn't it depend on the loane wolf?
6:41 Awahili barring Sam of course...extenuating circumstances and all
6:41 kathleen I mean lone
6:41 EternalOne very clever Awahili
6:41 Faer THe were's poster child
6:41 Jane sorry
6:41 kathleen lol..that is what I was thinking
6:41 Patty Awahili, a lone wolf has to have permission from the local Alpha -- who is unlikely to welcome someone seriously more dominant. But remember too, that dominance isn't really set in stone.
6:41 Awahili cool thanks
6:41 Faer kk
6:42 Spring Also an Alpha gets power from his pack
6:42 Cole the enemy is always more dangerous when backed into a corner
6:42 EternalOne or that noting from BB some may be able to hide the strength of their dominance
6:42 EternalOne like Warren
6:42 Faer Evie
6:43 EvieO I've really enjoyed your books, and have forwarded them to all my friends. You're a big hit in my circle. :) I'm curious about the European wolves, a la where Ben came from. Will we be seeing more of their interaction with the American wolves, especially now that the Mercy books will be going to VII?
6:43 Spring like Bran
6:43 Patty It's the human half that insists on permanent order (military anyone?) Most wolves actually vary from day to day a bit -- just like people do. Their position in the pack is more of an average thing.
6:43 Patty Still answering Awahili
6:43 EternalOne yes also like Bran
6:44 Alice Question for the room, doesn't have to be Patty: ((Does Evie mean VII as in there are 7 planned Mercy books?))
6:44 Faer sry
6:44 EvieO My apologies.
6:44 Faer Yep!
6:44 Awahili lol, having been in the military I know what you mean
6:44 EternalOne im guessing because i dont know how to spell europe that way
6:44 Alice ((Ah, excellent!! So much left, then!!))
6:44 Faer Up to book 4 in ink, verbal for 3 more, right?
6:44 Patty Thank you EvieO We'll definately be seeing more of the Europeans. Not in Cry Wolf particularly, but certainly in the Anna and Charles books.
6:45 Awahili which we can't wait for, btw....
6:45 Patty I have real contracts for a total of seven Mercy books and three Anna and Charles
6:45 Faer MOm is excited, she luvs Mercy's world.
6:45 Jane nice
6:45 Taranis wow...busy time coming
6:45 kathleen YEAH!!!!!!
6:45 CRash that's great
6:45 EvieO Thank you. :)
6:45 Jane I hate the waiting thought
6:45 Alice I think I'm going to wait for all the Mercy books before starting the A&C books, I get too absorbed with the characters.
6:45 Faer She oughtta be here too, but she's getting me to ask for her
6:45 Tasha 7 books ... that is so great!
6:45 kathleen woohoo
6:45 Taranis I'm sure they'll want to extend the Anna Charles books too!
6:45 EternalOne the ana/charles thing: it's exciting and creative considering charles first was introduced as a subordinate character in the Mercy series
6:46 Perkinator Woot!!!
6:46 Awahili my books are making their rounds through my group...I'm trying to get everyone hooked!
6:46 EternalOne i mean charles as a background not well-known character
6:46 Faer FireCatz?
6:46 Patty Thank you Awahili -- caught that EternalOne, my editor was surprised too -- but she liked the novella anyway
6:46 EternalOne me, i can read up to 4 books without getting confused about which is which
6:46 EternalOne helps me think more
6:47 FireCatZ hi Patty, I have never been here before but you where nice enough to answer my e-mails.
6:47 Faer Me 2
6:47 Faer Same w/ me, Fire...
6:47 FireCatZ I just finished IK and really have now questions so it is your turn Ceylonna
6:47 EternalOne thnks Patty
6:47 missy I think patty is the nicest writer i have come across
6:47 Alice I prefer "spin-offs" based on minor characters from the starting series, then it can develop a life of its own instead of hiding in the first series' shadow.
6:47 Patty Hi FireCatZ (wave). I am still answering emails from February 2007, though I sometimes hit todays, just so I don't have to apologize All the time.
6:48 EternalOne wondering, what time was the IK questions going to be asked at?
6:48 Ceylonna Can you give a rough timeline regarding Mercy moving to the Tri-cities, Adam's divorce, and Adam claiming her as a mate?
6:48 Ceylonna Since Tad is at least 18, I got the impression Mercy had worked at the garage for about 9 years. Yet my memory of MC wants to say that she has only lived near Adam for 4 years (or that Adam's only been divorced 4 years.)
6:48 EternalOne been divorced 4 yrs lived by adam 7 yrs.
6:48 EternalOne i think
6:48 EternalOne taking a guess
6:48 kathleen Tad is nineteen now
6:48 Cole Adam moved near to her
6:49 kathleen so that would be 10
6:49 Alice Eternal, are they at separate times for people who haven't read IK yet? (I haven't. :P)
6:49 Tasha stupid internet
6:49 Has at Brans request?
6:49 EternalOne i dont remeber that's why im asking
6:49 Patty Yowza Ceylonna. Probably Elle's stuff on the forum about Mercy's World will be more accurate (since I screwed up Adam's wolf's coloring on IK)
6:49 kathleen Bran did ask Adam to keep an eye on Mercy
6:49 EternalOne i cant go back to when we all first started talking
6:49 CRash yeah i noticed he changed colors
6:49 Alice What is he in IK?
6:50 CRash black
6:50 Awahili I was wondering about that myself
6:50 EternalOne you screwed up his coloring? i read IK so fast i didnt notice
6:50 Patty Adam was moved to the Tri Cities because of a rogue wolf a few years before Mercy moved there.
6:50 Alice Ahhh
6:50 EternalOne plus i was geting an adrenaline rush!
6:50 CRash with silver tips, reverse of MC
6:50 Jane Black with Silver instead of Silver with Black....I think
6:50 Taranis I kind of liked him as black better...then he didn't resemble Sam as much....
6:50 GreyDrakkon (Patty had reversed Adam's coloring in IK)
6:50 Patty After Mercy bought her trailer, Adam bought the land next to Mercy's house.
6:50 Ceylonna Sorry, didn't mean to be difficult. I just keep thinking that he's claimed Mercy longer than he has been divorced, which doesn't seem right
6:50 Spring I had wondered about that
6:50 Awahili I thought Sam was white?
6:50 EternalOne oh ok
6:50 kathleen that is why I had to read it twice...first time was fast! lol :)
6:50 Alice Sam's white, yeah.
6:50 Patty Mercy's been in the TriCites for almost ten years now.
6:51 Taranis it's not a far jump to silver
6:51 EternalOne sam IS white
6:51 Awahili true
6:51 EternalOne with the crystal blue eyes
6:51 Faer Jessica you next
6:51 Patty Four years ago (four and a half now) Adam and Kristi (his exwife) were divorced.
6:51 Jessica If Mercy were to end up in Adam's pack, would she shake things up in terms of female werewolves' rights and rank in the pack? It seems like in Moon Called she thought she'd do as much if she were ever in a pack ...
6:51 Faer After Patty done
6:52 GreyDrakkon ( has a verbal description of each wolf and a little digital picture for some of 'em too)
6:52 Patty Adam and his wife lived behind Mercy for almost five years before the divorce.
6:52 Awahili you got em up? Sweet
6:52 Perkinator .
6:52 Has Zealith did a fantastic job of the pics
6:52 Alice I wonder, since the werewolves echo dog colors, are there any spotted werewolves a la dalmatians? :P
6:52 Ceylonna thanks, that makes a bit more sense.
6:53 Patty Jessica -- I'll have to find out (along with everyone else) exactly what's going to happen. The wolves seem to assume she's going to be one of the pack -- but that's not what happens with the human mates.
6:53 Tasha really!??!
6:53 Patty Mercy's not really a werewolf -- and I'm not sure she's entirely happy about "joining" the pack. I do know that some of the pack magic won't work for her.
6:53 Jessica *can't wait for the next Mercy book!*
6:54 GreyDrakkon it probably helps that she can run on four legs at times. >;D
6:54 Patty Some of Adam's pack are certain to object, too.
6:54 Tasha wow this could get even more complicated!
6:54 Cole like warrens enemy
6:54 Has dont forget shes a coyote - some wolves wont accept that
6:54 Jessica thank you fr being willing to answer questions in chats like this - it is unique and very friendly of you\
6:54 Patty Grey -- absolutely. But real wolves don't normally allow coyotes to live in their territory.
6:54 kathleen paul is warrens enemy..right
6:54 EternalOne yeppers
6:54 Cole yes him
6:54 CRash yeah
6:55 Patty Right Cole, I had him in mind too -- thanks Kathleen I couldn't immediately remember his name.
6:55 EternalOne i like how Warren and Kyle stayed together
6:55 GreyDrakkon quite true, but hopefully the human part can override that
6:55 Tasha dang if have to reread these books!
6:55 Faer JonnyP, your turn
6:55 Patty Love them. Kyle is too much fun to leave out.
6:55 Raven is that gonna make Adam made?
6:55 Alice I don't think he's an enemy, right? He just wanted to take his place in the pack.
6:55 kathleen but warren showed paul who is more superior with the fight
6:55 Raven Mad*?
6:55 EternalOne i nvere mind if i have to re read my books.
6:55 JonnyP skip
6:55 Faer Taranis?
6:55 Taranis coming!!
6:55 Jessica I would say that Paul could eat my shoe, but he actually could. And I like my shoes. Maybe he could come over for a nice cup of tea and be chastised about his views on Warren.
6:56 Patty Okay, okay. Hey JonnyP. Nice to see you in Seatlle Taranis
6:56 Tasha i don't mind re reading htem! i just realized how much i have forgotten!
6:56 Taranis It was awesome to see you too, Patty!
6:56 EternalOne helps me remmber and usually if i enjoy them as much as the mercy series or the Twilight saga then i will re read them until i can re cite the info to my aunt and friends ( they also read my books)
6:56 EternalOne helps that i know when they ask me questions
6:56 Faer I do that with my games (I have the speeches from KH memorized.)
6:57 Taranis I have a general writing question. Do you ever get really really stuck in a story, like writer's block? If so, how do you work your way tthrough the knots?
6:57 EternalOne KH?
6:57 Cole Jonny
6:57 JonnyP skip
6:57 Cole ok
6:57 Faer Kingdom Hearts. My obsession.
6:57 kathleen When a new book is coming out i have to reread all in the series before it is out because you tend to forget things
6:57 Glow1nthedark Hi everybody! Sorry I'm late ;)
6:58 Faer NP
6:58 Cole hello
6:58 Taranis hey Glow!
6:58 EternalOne if i would ever have writers' block i would listen to music
6:58 Awahili howdy Glow!
6:58 Patty Taranis -- absolutely. Usually when I am trying to make the story go where it doesn't want to. Fought, fought the second half of Iron Kissed.
6:58 GreyDrakkon (hello Glow, we're saving the IK questions for just a bit longer)
6:58 EternalOne musci helps me when my books cant
6:58 missy Hi Glow
6:58 EternalOne whos turn is it?
6:58 Has HI Glow
6:58 Patty Sometimes I have trouble getting a handle on characters.
6:58 kathleen chedabears turn
6:58 Awahili cherdabear, I think
6:58 Alice Kathleen, I like to at least read the book prior to the new one, because then I'm already absorbed in the story and I don't have to wait to get into it.
6:58 Tasha understandable
6:58 Cole we are working on Taranis
6:59 Tasha what time are we going into IK?
6:59 Alice Wait, I don't know if she's done answering the other question :O
6:59 cherdabear Patty I Love your books and getting to talk to you is awesome!!!! My Question: How do you decide which point of view to write in?
6:59 Patty And sometimes I'm telling the story from the wrong viewpoint. So experience helps me decide which one it is, so I don't get stuck as long anymore.
6:59 Jane Grey-So when do we get to ask about IK?
6:59 Glow1nthedark Hey Patty :) It was GREAT to meet you on Friday, I've been gushing about it to everyone all weekend :D
6:59 Spring It helps to own all the books I can pick them up again at any hour
6:59 Patty Cherdabear -- usually the character who has the most to lose.
6:59 EternalOne to be expected Patty. You wouldnt be a great quthor if you ddnt make sure your work was comprehensible, eye catching and through ouh
6:59 Taranis Thanks, Patty!!
6:59 GreyDrakkon (Jane, as soon as I give the o.k. ;) )
7:00 EternalOne dont know how to spell that last one
7:00 Alice Viewpoint? Aren't they all from Mercy's viewpoint?
7:00 kathleen Alice...excatly...and you are up to speed on everything for the new books :)
7:00 Jane k
7:00 Alice I'm confused.... ~_~
7:00 EternalOne it DOES help owning the books
7:00 EternalOne references!
7:00 Faer Basically, patty has more books than Mercy's.
7:00 cherdabear Thanks
7:00 Patty The Mercy books are from Mercy's vp, but the Anna and Charles books are mostly from their vp
7:00 Spring Yes!!
7:01 Alice Ohhh, I thought she meant viewpoint in the individual books
7:01 Cole Andie
7:01 Andie Love your books :)... How many wolves are usually in a pack AND (I have to ask another question) Do the members of Bran's Pack (the Marrocks Pack) have a higher ranking with the rest of the werewolves?
7:01 EternalOne yes yes i know she does
7:01 Alice I've heard of the other books, but I only read MC and BB two days ago :P
7:01 Patty And the traditional fantasies vary
7:01 EternalOne wow Alice.
7:01 Alice So I'm somewhat of a new fan XD
7:01 EternalOne hope you enjoyed them
7:01 Alice I did!!!
7:01 Has that was quick lol- and I thought I was a fast reader
7:02 cherdabear Do you have to tink about it or does it just come to you?
7:02 EternalOne 1st is always my fave
7:02 kathleen I found them after the HP series was over...not to sound like a geek...but I still love them like the Mercy series
7:02 Alice The Anita Blake books have lost a lot of what I loved about them, and it was sooo wonderful to read a new were/vamp series that was totally different but still awesome.
7:02 Cole ANDIE your turn
7:02 Patty Cherdabear. Sometimes it comes, sometimes I rewrite
7:02 Faer He asked, Patty needs to answer
7:02 Awahili already asked, I think
7:03 Patty Andie. More than ten and less than thirty usually.
7:03 EternalOne after getting my self waist deep in the paranormal genre, i sped read through HP 7 just so i could be done with the HP series.
7:03 Cole i sadi ANDIE
7:03 Taranis Alice, it's great to have a new fan to spread the love! Welcome to the world!!
7:03 Patty And only Bran's wife gets her standing from him.
7:03 cherdabear Sounds good :)
7:03 EternalOne i've been reading MC, BB, IK since 05
7:03 Awahili remember, Adam's the fourth most dominant wolf in the country....
7:03 Cole srry to many people to little colors
7:03 Alice Didn't IK just come out?
7:03 GreyDrakkon Cole, is your computer lagging? Andie already asked...
7:03 Andie thanks :)
7:03 Faer CRash, you next.
7:03 Patty The others aren't any higher ranking -- though the other packs are a little more cautious in dealing with Bran's wolves than they would be if a wolf was from another Alpha's pack.
7:03 Tasha andie already asked
7:04 Has hey havenlystarrs
7:04 EternalOne Alice: try Twilight saga is you like weres/vamps
7:04 Alice I've heard of them, I think I read the first and couldn't find any others
7:04 Alice What's the first one called?
7:04 Patty It is 7pm my time. IK spoilers to follow.
7:04 Alice Is it Bitten or something?
7:04 Cole Crash
7:04 Alice NOOOO
7:04 EternalOne yessssss!
7:04 CRash Okay, my question... How common really are Omega werewolves? Charles said that Anna was "almost unique" ... are there any others alive at the time?
7:04 Cole mhmmmm
7:04 Jane yesss
7:04 Raven awsome
7:05 kathleen alrighty then...woohoo
7:05 Alice Ohhhh can I ask my question and then scram? I don't want IK spoiled T_T
7:05 Tasha twilight, new moon, eclipse (also making a moive)
7:05 EternalOne Bitten is Kelley Armstrong and her books are pretty good
7:05 HAVENLYSTARRS hi everyone, i thought the chat started at 9 eastern
7:05 GreyDrakkon OK you heard her! IK questions follow! If you don't want a spoiler, you may want to leave!
7:05 Patty Yes, there are others alive. Not more than ten -- and I don't know if there are any others in the US.
7:05 Faer 8 EST
7:05 Alice Ohhhh darn!!!
7:05 CRash cool, thanks
7:05 GreyDrakkon Ah wait
7:05 Alice I really want to ask my question, but I don't want to be spoiled.. I guess I'll stick around and try not to read anything?
7:05 GreyDrakkon Alice, you didn't get to ask yet
7:05 GreyDrakkon anyone else hasn't asked that needs to go?
7:06 Jane Alice you can take my turn I am not sure what to ask
7:06 Patty Go Alice.
7:06 Alice Can I do that?
7:06 Alice Yay!
7:06 Alice I know you probably won't want to answer outright "Will Mercy ever become a werewolf," so my question is: would it be possible for Mercy to become a werewolf? Obviously she'd still have risks with dying before the werewolfiness gets to her, but is there anything in her being a walker that makes in impossible for her to become a werewolf, or would it be easier, slightly more difficult, etc?
7:06 GreyDrakkon if it's alright with Patty, Alice you go ahead and ask your question
7:07 Tasha good ?
7:07 EternalOne you'd think it would be easy ier for Mercy
7:07 Faer Yah, good question.... WolfWalker? Oooo....
7:07 EternalOne b/c she can have human. werewolf, or walker babies
7:07 Raven realy good one
7:07 Patty I dont' know if it would be possible -- she has a certain immunity to magic. I don't think she could be both at the same time.
7:07 Awahili her resistance to magic may get in the way....
7:07 Alice You would think so, but then again, maybe the two can't coexist in her body.
7:07 kathleen hmmm
7:07 Alice So is it one or the other, or can she never become a wolf?
7:08 Tasha so one or the other
7:08 EternalOne if she were able to be both were and walker, she could be like Charles
7:08 Faer That's an answer of noanswerness if I ever heard one.
7:08 Tasha lol
7:08 GreyDrakkon ok anyone else that hasn't gone yet that hasn't read Iron Kissed?
7:08 Has there could be wolf walkers though?
7:08 Alice :P
7:08 Patty At any rate -- the real answer is I won't know for sure unless it comes up. I'd lean towards one or the other -- but I hate to trap myself before I encounter it writing
7:08 Alice Thanks so much, Patty, for doing these chats, and I can't wait to read IK!
7:08 Alice Have a good night, everyone.
7:08 Faer kk
7:08 EternalOne understandable Patty
7:08 Tasha night
7:08 Raven u 2 Alice
7:08 kathleen byealice
7:09 Has nite alice
7:09 Jane night
7:09 Patty Yes, HAS. I think Walkers could be wolf walkers or deer walkers.
7:09 EternalOne Bye Alice!!!!
7:09 Faer Tasha, you next
7:09 Awahili later Alice
7:09 Perkinator Good Night Alice!
7:09 GreyDrakkon If not, then Crash, it's your turn, and Iron Kissed questions are permissible (although not necessary)
7:09 EternalOne see you soon girly!
7:09 Reu Bye Alice!
7:09 Patty Good Night to those who don't want spoilers.
7:09 Tasha its cool to ask IK questions?
7:09 Faer Crash asked already
7:09 Reu Hi everyone!
7:09 CRash already asked mine :)
7:09 EternalOne deer walkers?
7:09 Patty Jane passed, right? So Tasha?
7:09 Has Interesting Patty can you imagine a were meeting a wolfwalker or a deer;p;
7:09 Jane yeah tasha is up
7:10 CRash deer walkers sound cool...gotta watch out for those wolves, though
7:10 Faer Hi Reu
7:10 Tasha so i was wondering if we would see more of Ben and Holly? especially after IK?
7:10 GreyDrakkon very well, Tasha is up
7:10 missy Deer walkers???? would not want to be one of those!!!
7:10 kathleen Holly??
7:10 FireCatZ LOL I am reading another series that has Werepanthers, werebears Etc.
7:10 Has hey Rey
7:10 Awahili I assume she means Honey?
7:10 GreyDrakkon (and to keep things simple, either Cole, myself or Patty can "nudge" the next person up, else things get bolloxed up)
7:10 Faer I write/RP werecats.
7:10 Patty Ben certainly. Holly? Do you mean Honey?
7:10 Tasha yeah sorry
7:11 Has Hey reu
7:11 Awahili I love Ben
7:11 Jane Ben is growing on me
7:11 Faer Ben is an a-hole, but he's a loveable a-hole
7:11 Patty No problem (says the author who screwed up Adam's coloring)
7:11 HAVENLYSTARRS Ben was awesome in IK
7:11 Jane I like him a lot more since reading IK
7:11 CRash I like Ben much better after IK
7:11 Tasha lol
7:11 CRash lol
7:11 Has me too - esp in IK and ditto that Faer
7:11 Taranis It's really cool how you've developed Ben into an untrustworthy character into someone we all want to know more about!
7:11 kathleen I like been now, he has come out a little and is not such a "anrk"
7:11 kathleen snark
7:11 EternalOne Firecats- what book are you talking about>?
7:11 EternalOne ?
7:12 Reu Again, I keep telling you - you didn't screw up, Patty, you just want to know how closely we read your books. ;)
7:12 HAVENLYSTARRS I think we need more of a back story on ben
7:12 Tasha yeah Ben def. scored some major points with me
7:12 EvieO I have like Ben since the first book. He also struck me as being something more than he appeared.
7:12 kathleen Ben...boy..i can type
7:12 EternalOne Ben has gained my respect
7:12 Cole spring
7:12 Raven Ben has shocked most of us I think
7:12 kathleen definitely....he really understood what happened with Mercy
7:12 GreyDrakkon no cole, patty hasn't answered yet
7:12 FireCatZ I like Ben better after IK
7:12 Patty Ben's fun. I like it that he's still a snark. He just likes Mercy . . . sort of despite himself.
7:12 Faer I wonder if he really did do that stuff in london? Sry if that's answered in IK
7:12 GreyDrakkon or at least not fully
7:12 missy Ben may be a jerk but he is proving he can handle it
7:12 Cole oh sorry
7:12 Awahili I'd like to see a prequel short story on Ben getting sent to America, but that may be too dark to write... I dunno
7:13 kathleen something you don't excpect
7:13 Tasha yeah that was a real surprise.... that he liked/respected her
7:13 Patty He's not a rapist.
7:13 Faer kk
7:13 GreyDrakkon got that vibe. ;)
7:13 CRash Poor Ben.
7:13 Patty But he's not a nice guy either.
7:13 Tasha yeah poor guy
7:13 HAVENLYSTARRS nope, he was a victim in the past
7:13 Patty Spring?
7:13 Raven He has guts
7:13 kathleen but....given what came out in IK....did he do something to those that raped?
7:13 Tasha thats true... coulle that change though
7:13 Faer course not - like I said, he's an a-hole
7:13 Spring Why was Warren's wolf able to accept Mercy's wolf as dominant more than the rest of the pack? Has that anything to do with their friendship?
7:14 EternalOne would it be that warren is more dominat than everyone thought
7:14 EternalOne ?>
7:14 Patty Warren regards Mercy as Adam's mate -- and pack. Even if the ceremony isn't finalized yet.
7:14 Faer Mercy's not a woulf...
7:14 EternalOne chill
7:14 CRash that clever warren
7:14 kathleen ohhhhhh YET?? coooolll
7:15 Raven werewolf politics ?
7:15 Patty Having no questions for myself Missy?
7:15 EternalOne basically
7:15 Tasha yet?? there is a story behind that!
7:15 Awahili hehe
7:15 Andie This chat is sooo confusing[crazy]
7:15 Jane Ik did end sort of abruptly in the bedroom
7:16 kathleen I don't see Mercy jumping into a ceremony....even if it is just a hop away
7:16 missy Hi, yes going along with the Warren question, why did Adam let warren pick up Mercy, where he would not anyone else???
7:16 Spring I understood why he was able the question was more why don't the others feel the same.
7:16 HAVENLYSTARRS yeah, i wish we had another chapter
7:16 Jane He is gay
7:16 Jane me too.
7:16 cherdabear know what you mean Andie
7:16 EternalOne bothered me a bit but it just means that we all have something very interesteing to look forward to
7:16 Patty Jane -- the next one starts in the Bedroom right at the end of IK
7:16 CRash ooooh
7:16 kathleen warren isn't a threat do to his orientation
7:16 Tasha nice nice nice!
7:16 Jane nice I just hate waiting for it.
7:17 HAVENLYSTARRS warren is mercy's friend and not a threat to adam's "mate"
7:17 kathleen ditto
7:17 EternalOne perfect beigging! nice Patty
7:17 Has Jane if u look at IK spoiler thread - there is a post on that-
7:17 Patty Adam doesn't consider Warren a threat from any direction -- he's gay, he's Adam's best friend, he's Mercy's best friend.
7:17 EternalOne * beginning
7:17 Jane really I will have to check that out
7:17 missy Yeah but that was his pack and therefore no-one is a threat to mercy
7:17 Has Patty can you say sorry to Mike I think I kind of pestered him with that
7:18 Cole the story starts in the bedroom not what you think is happening in the bedroom
7:18 Faer Missy, I don't think the wolves see it that way.
7:18 Raven but she was Bran's pack and Leigh was
7:18 GreyDrakkon Glow your turn I think
7:18 HAVENLYSTARRS meaning that adam and mercy will finally have that talk, huh?
7:18 Taranis Mercy has always said she was not pack at all
7:18 EternalOne was her name Leah?
7:18 missy thank you
7:18 Cole no it is dennie
7:18 Patty HAS -- Mike's reading over my shoulder. No apologies necessary.
7:18 Raven Bran's Mate I belive her name is Leigh
7:19 Faer Tell him we said hi!
7:19 Awahili *waves* um...hi Mike?
7:19 Taranis Hi, then Mike!
7:19 Reu Hi MIke!
7:19 Cole she popped in earlier at the top part
7:19 Faer *waves at mikers*
7:19 Raven Oh ok sorry
7:19 Patty Nice to meet you in Portland, Glow
7:19 charmed Hi Mike :)
7:19 Glow1nthedark cool :) I was wondering if you took Zee's physical apperance from fairy tales or if it is orginial?
7:19 Jenn HI Mike
7:19 Has oh good I felt like I put him on the spot - Hey Mike
7:19 Perkinator *Waves to Mike*
7:19 cherdabear hi Mike
7:19 Patty EternalONe is right, it's Leah.
7:19 FireCatZ Hi Mike
7:20 Patty Zee's appearance is original -- but loosely based on several descriptions of the fae.
7:20 Cole it is Dennie's turn
7:20 GreyDrakkon aho, good thing Cole wrote everyone's names down
7:20 EternalOne ty
7:20 Faer Hiya
7:20 Glow1nthedark It was SOO cool to meet you! The reading was fantastic and I cam with all these questions and go tso wrapped up in your anwsers to other questions I forgot to ask mine!
7:20 Nottled Mikeinator, Mikester, Miiiikeee.
7:20 Patty Also, he's known as "the Dark Smith" so I assumed his skin coloring could be part of that.
7:20 Awahili LOL
7:20 charmed lol nottled
7:21 Raven loved his discription
7:21 Faer The conjugations of 'Mike'....
7:21 Tasha ditto
7:21 Glow1nthedark Very cool. I really Loved the fairy descriptions in the book. So fabulous.
7:21 Faer Sorry this isn't making any sense, mike.
7:21 Patty Mike's chuckling at Nottle.
7:21 Awahili I don't think it's supposed to
7:21 Nottled
7:21 Faer It's an inside thing
7:21 Nottled He knows I'm a dork, Patty. You'll find out soon enough.
7:21 EternalOne Nottle was doing this before you came oner here Patty
7:22 Patty Reu? Do you have a question?
7:22 Taranis Nottled, good on ya, mate!
7:22 EternalOne quite entertaining
7:22 Cole dennie
7:22 Awahili I think it's dennie's turn? Cole?
7:22 Glow1nthedark Oh, ao the 'dark' Smith thing doesn't have something to do with good vs evil ?
7:22 Cole yes dennie
7:22 Reu I was wondering if we are going to see more of Tad - we only really just met him, will we get to know more of him in the next book?
7:22 Cole not reu but dennie
7:22 Patty Glow -- "dark" also applies to his personality
7:22 Glow1nthedark oops I asked another question out of turn sorry
7:23 Glow1nthedark cool
7:23 Patty Are dennie and Reu the same? I don't see that denny is on the Chat.
7:23 Cole STOP STOP STOP STOP[angry][angry][angry][angry][angry][angry][angry][angry]
7:23 GreyDrakkon another dissappearing name?
7:23 Glow1nthedark breathe deeply Cole... count to ten...
7:23 Patty Yes, we'll see more of Tad. I like Tad -- and no one but me has seen him.
7:24 GreyDrakkon ah a shuffle then
7:24 Faer SHe can ask her quetsion now.
7:24 Patty Okay, I understand. Dennie go ahead. Thanks Cole
7:24 Jessica Glow - I wouldn't think that good/evil would apply to the fae - our sense of morals are different from theirs
7:24 Perkinator Yes. I loved how he called his father, "Older than dirt"
7:25 Glow1nthedark okay, I'm off to put toddlers in a bath. Hopefully yall will still be around after the bath-bedtime ritual
7:25 Patty Jessica -- "dark smith" came from a story told by humans
7:25 Has c u soon glow
7:25 Reu Have fun, Glow!
7:25 Awahili bye Glodw
7:25 Patty See ya Glow
7:25 Reu Don't get too wet!
7:25 Awahili wow, my keyboard failed on me...
7:25 Nottled Bye Glow!
7:25 Spring It was just great to "hear" Tad's voice in the books
7:25 Raven bye glow
7:25 Faer u still there dennie?
7:25 FireCatZ stay dry glow
7:26 charmed bye Glow
7:26 Awahili toddler plus bath equals soaked....[tongue]
7:26 Jessica I always thought that dark and evil are different things - dark chocoalte certailnly doesn't connotate evil chocoale. ;)
7:26 Cole DENNIE last call
7:26 HAVENLYSTARRS I have a questioned but my name got shifted to the top
7:26 Reu Dark chocolate is not evil. No way shape or form. :D
7:26 Cole heavenly your turn since dennie seems to be absent
7:26 Faer Me too - something to do with all the Kingdom Hearts I obsess over...
7:26 Perkinator "Dark" could be dependent upon your viewpoint.
7:26 Awahili I think Cole's writing them down as people come in...
7:27 EternalOne random.......
7:27 Cole yes yes yes
7:27 Awahili And that's why we love Cole
7:27 Has
7:27 Cole and drive me nuts rights?
7:27 Andie No Dennie... who's next?
7:27 HAVENLYSTARRS Patty in the next book, we'll we learn more of the effects that Tim used against Mercy? such as the fa
7:27 Jessica I can see tat being so.
7:27 Faer Sorry I'm posting randomness in your 'ask the author' Patty.... Everything reminds me of KH
7:28 Awahili but of course
7:28 Patty Havenly is preparing a question I think . . .
7:28 HAVENLYSTARRS fairy juice?
7:28 kathleen my question goes back to the debts....Adam now owes Ben and the fae's still owe Mercy. Will that some how become settled when Mercy finally settles everything between her self and the vampires....especially Stefan
7:28 kathleen so sorry i hit the wrong button yall
7:28 kathleen very sorry
7:28 Faer np
7:28 Patty I think that Mercy is okay now. You'll probably see some of the fairy artifacts again. But I'm not sure when.
7:28 Perkinator
7:29 FireCatZ Havenly I think it is the cup now what is in it
7:29 EternalOne i like Zee's knife
7:29 kathleen i think raven is before me so i can wait
7:29 Cole tisa your turn
7:29 FireCatZ not
7:29 Spring You would hope the fae would lock them up
7:29 Patty Debt between Adam and Ben isn't quite like the "debts" Mercy owed Stefan and the Fae.
7:29 Patty It's something that Adam will keep in mind.
7:29 Raven is it my turn?
7:29 Cole no it is tisa's
7:30 kathleen ok...thank you...
7:30 Cole tisa go
7:30 EternalOne owed? doesnt Mercy still owe stefan? or was that settled in BB?
7:30 tisa I pass
7:30 Raven ok
7:30 Patty Mercy, I don't think, isn't stupid enough to "collect" on any debt the fae owe her. Though the walking stick is, in a way, her reward anyway.
7:30 Faer Raven!
7:30 Cole raven
7:30 Raven ok
7:30 Has ahhh the walking stick
7:30 Spring Time to raise sheep
7:30 Perkinator I love how it kept on showing up..
7:30 Raven dose Zee consider Mercy something of a Daughter now?
7:30 Reu No, the debt was paid when she went with Stefan to the hotel.
7:30 Patty It might not be a good thing (the walking stick). I haven't decided yet .
7:30 Andie Or get pregnant??
7:30 Has and it was at a pivitol scene
7:31 charmed following her like Mary's little lamb
7:31 Awahili good question Raven, I was wondering that myself
7:31 Jane that would be great if Mercy ends up with Twins
7:31 Spring Put them in the backyard to annoy Adam
7:31 kathleen but...Wolfe and Stefan got her out of Andres...
7:31 Jane because of the stick
7:31 Perkinator Only to be washed away if she loses the stick? I hope not.
7:31 Patty Raven, Zee always has liked Mercy. I'm not sure if he feels fatherly, really.
7:31 kathleen so there is still something what Stefan said to her in BB
7:32 Awahili he did call her "my child" at the end of IK though
7:32 Cole nottled
7:32 EternalOne what did Stefan say to Mercy? that i dont quite remember
7:32 Nottled Patty, I love Warren and Kyle and I love that Mercy is kind of their hag. (grin) I'm a hag of twenty years m'self and I loves my gays!!.[wink] My question is-----is Warren's wolf gay?
7:32 Raven yes that what made me ask
7:32 kathleen the stick was really cool...especially the way it kept popping up when she least expected it
7:33 Has was it the blood exchange? or afterwards
7:33 EternalOne " my child" loving gesture maybe?
7:33 Awahili perhaps
7:33 Spring Warren does not attack Kyle when hurt
7:33 kathleen when they were in the church...Stefan whispered in Mercy's ear...Mercy thought it was words of love
7:33 EternalOne obviouly Zee cares about Mercy or he wouldnt have been " mad" at her
7:33 HAVENLYSTARRS or it could be a sign of, she is under his protection
7:33 Patty Nottled -- what an interesting question. I never considered that it would be possible that he would not be. The answer is yes. But interesting thought . . .
7:34 Cole faer
7:34 kathleen and the kiss between Stefan and Mercy.....
7:34 Reu Kath - I took everything after he asked her to accompany him to be his fault. She went with him, and then he asked her to testify, and then the wolves were dragged in... It's all Stefan's fault. ;)
7:34 Nottled We got into a big discussion about it on the board ...regarding whether or not animals can be gay.
7:34 GreyDrakkon let's try to stay on subject people, it's getting messy in here
7:34 EternalOne Stefan smells faintly of popcorn to MErcy
7:34 EternalOne that's random i think
7:34 EternalOne Agreed Grey
7:35 Nottled Maybe the wolf is kind of just along for the ride?
7:35 Faer My turn agaiN! Okay, so... Are you going to write more in the Ravenverse? A couple short stories would be nice, that was a cool world.
7:35 HAVENLYSTARRS probably the next book will feature the vampires, stefan and his mistress
7:35 Patty Nope. Warren's wolf definately likes Kyle.
7:35 Nottled Great.
7:35 charmed :)
7:36 GreyDrakkon Urk! ::closes eyes to the possibilities that brought to mind::
7:36 EternalOne Havenlystarrs- or the next could be about the Walkers
7:36 Raven kk I have to go thank you so much Patty and everyone have a great night
7:36 Awahili bye Raven!
7:36 Has bye Raven
7:36 Faer Yeah, I'm with Eternal. Walkers and vamps and wolves, oh my!
7:36 EternalOne Bye Raven thanks for coming!
7:36 charmed night raven
7:36 Nottled Bye Raven!
7:36 Perkinator Bye by raven!
7:36 Spring so long
7:36 Raven night night everyone
7:36 Reu Bye Raven!
7:36 EternalOne have a good night Raven
7:36 Faer cya raven
7:36 GreyDrakkon night Raven
7:36 Raven Raven quit
7:36 Patty Faer -- loved the Raven world too. Fun stuff. I don't usually write short stories, and my time for novels is limited . . . but there's a lot of room for more adventures in that world.
7:36 cherdabear Night
7:36 HAVENLYSTARRS eternal, yeah have some walkers come and show mercy the "ropes"
7:37 FireCatZ nite raven
7:37 Cole Has
7:37 Patty Which is not really an answer. How about -- I'd Iike to write more Raven books, and will if I get time.
7:37 Faer kk. I get it, I thought that was the problem
7:37 Has I have a feeling that the vamps are going to appear in the next book- what was Stefans reaction towards Mercy' rape
7:37 Patty Bye to those who are leaving (waves)
7:37 Faer Yay, more Raven stuff!
7:38 EternalOne Haven- would help Mercy alot. especially after in MC stefan told or rather confirmed that Mercy is immune to almost all vamp magic
7:38 Faer Well, I g2g2, bye everyone, great talking!
7:38 Has I was going to ask about the stick- but you kind of answered that
7:38 Has bye everyone
7:38 EternalOne bye Faer
7:38 Nottled Night Faer!
7:38 HAVENLYSTARRS eteranl~ yup and immune to some fairy magic
7:38 EternalOne bye Has
7:38 Patty Yes, Has the vampires are returning in the next book. Stefan doesn't know about the rape yet -- he's been a little preoccupied. I haven't written far enough to know what his reaction will be when he finds out.
7:38 charmed bye Has, bye Faer
7:38 EternalOne true forgot about that part
7:38 Has bye
7:38 Nottled Nightie Night Has...thanks for all the giggles today.
7:38 Taranis Good night...or morning? Has!
7:39 GreyDrakkon Havenly, Eternal, take it to private message please
7:39 Reu Night Faer!
7:39 Awahili I imagine...upset
7:39 Perkinator Good Night Has!!
7:39 Has bye Nottled im glad you enjoyed them
7:39 HAVENLYSTARRS lol....looks like i was right eternal...vampires in the next book
7:39 Cole Jersey
7:39 Faer Faer quit
7:39 HAVENLYSTARRS oops sorry
7:39 EternalOne lucky
7:39 Jerseybean First I'd just like to say I think you're a brilliant storyteller. Thank you for sharing your worlds with us. Q: Is Sam still living with Mercy going to cause problems?
7:39 Has nite nite everyone
7:39 HAVENLYSTARRS who's turn is it?
7:40 Patty Who's up for the next question (Thank you so much for keeping track Cole!)
7:40 GreyDrakkon Jersy he's said
7:40 Jerseybean night Has
7:40 Has bye Jersey
7:40 Jane good question Jersey
7:40 Reu Nite Has!
7:40 Cole Jerseybean said Q: Is Sam still living with Mercy going to cause problems?
7:40 Has im not going
7:40 Has lol
7:41 Has im brain dead
7:41 Perkinator Woot! I like that Q.
7:41 Reu Well, it's a nice nite anyway, isn't it. ;)
7:41 EternalOne agreed
7:41 Patty Sam . . . I think that they are going to have to tell me how that works out. Sam is fine with staying. Mercy is fine with him staying -- Adam not so fine. But until Mercy agrees to move in (and at this point I'm not sure that is going to be a problem or not) Adam would rather have Sam there as protection.
7:41 Nottled Poor kid. It's already tomorrow where you are, Has.
7:41 EternalOne q is good
7:41 Has hahahaha- its late thats my excuse
7:42 Jerseybean Thank you
7:42 Patty Actually Adam would rather have Warren, Honey or one of the other two females watching. But he'll take what he can get. . .
7:42 charmed lol
7:42 HAVENLYSTARRS man, adam
7:42 Cole skip me
7:42 Cole EternalOne
7:42 Has sam likes to torment Adam
7:43 Jane very smart man
7:43 Perkinator *Wonders if poor Sam is ever going to get an HEA*
7:43 Patty Sam likes to torment anyone he cares about.
7:43 Nottled Yeah, Sam definitely takes the piss, Has.
7:43 Jane It seems that way for Mercy as well...
7:43 Awahili that's true
7:43 Reu Poor Charles, having to be tormented by Sam for how many years? ;)
7:43 Cole EternalOne
7:44 Perkinator At least 200
7:44 EternalOne ok it is just so difficult
7:44 CRash scary...imagine being taunted by your older brother over...and over... and over...
7:44 Perkinator Agh! My older brother still loves to torment me.
7:44 Awahili every day.....
7:44 Perkinator and we are OLD.
7:44 Patty Charles can take care of himself
7:44 Patty Trust me
7:44 Jane So who is up next?
7:44 Reu No wonder Charles learned patience... It was either that o kill his brother. ;)
7:44 EternalOne ummm what was Mercy doing after she laft the Marrok Pack when she was 16? anything major that could have made her who she is at the moment. other than what we know
7:45 cherdabear If my brothers didn't torment me I wouldn't know they loved me
7:45 EternalOne sorry Patty if the Q is a bit confusing
7:45 Patty She was growing up -- and learning how to blend with humans instead of werewolves.
7:45 Perkinator I know cherd..
7:45 HAVENLYSTARRS adapting to humans
7:46 EternalOne b/c coyotes are adaptable
7:46 Patty She went to college, got a tattoo , an education -- and went to work for Tad (who was eight or nine) got fired three times by Zee before they settled in . . .
7:46 Taranis
7:46 Perkinator Its there way of showing affection, especially when they feel uncomfortable with anything else. I just wish he would stop playing that stupid game with the electronic doorlocks in the car.
7:46 Cole Perkinator
7:46 EternalOne oh yeah that's right. jeeze i totally wasted a precious question
7:46 EternalOne * shakes headf*
7:46 Perkinator what?
7:46 Patty Perkinator
7:46 Cole take it somewhere else please
7:47 cherdabear hahaha
7:47 Perkinator sorry[blush]
7:47 Patty You are up for question I think :)
7:47 Cole it your turn
7:47 Perkinator Kewl.
7:47 EternalOne
7:48 Perkinator U.mmm...what about Sam. Will he be sticking around in Mercy's books or go back to Montana? I like him much better this last book.
7:49 Patty He'll be sticking around. He still has issues, and for some reason Mercy is helping. I think she's right when she says she's his pack. He doesn't want to be Alpha, because he already is taking care of so many people (doctors do -- good ones).
7:49 Patty He can't stay with his father anymore, it wasn't helping.
7:50 Patty And he can't go lone wolf -- he needs someone to balance him.
7:50 Cole maybe like honorary pack guest
7:50 Patty Mercy does it.
7:50 tisa why?
7:50 Patty Cole -- something like that, certainly.
7:51 HAVENLYSTARRS Mercy keeps him balanced.
7:51 tisa or should I say how?
7:51 GreyDrakkon 'cause she's special. ^_^
7:51 Perkinator Lol.
7:51 Spring Thank you for all of your wonderful books Patty. I did not want the chat to end without telling you that.
7:51 Patty tisa -- I think that Mercy is more like his little sister -- but she's tough enough he doesn't feel responsible for her emotional well-being all the time.
7:51 Perkinator Thanks Patty! I will behave now.
7:51 Patty Thank you Spring -- I'm having a great time with them.
7:52 Patty Perkinator -- no worries, it's fun.
7:52 kathleen is the chat coming to an end? this is my first time doing this :)
7:52 Patty We have about ten minutes or so.
7:52 Cole no
7:52 HAVENLYSTARRS who's next?
7:52 Patty After two hours I start babbling without saying anything
7:53 GreyDrakkon heh
7:53 Cole Jenn
7:53 kathleen is it ok to throw out a question...I don't want to offend by doing so and knock someone out of turn
7:53 Jenn Since Adam and Mercy are mates will they get married
7:53 Reu That could be fun to read. :D
7:53 Taranis Patty, thanks so much for taking time out of your busy schedule to chat with us!
7:53 GreyDrakkon we WANT you to babble, and let some thing slip. >;D
7:53 Spring who's next--I still have ?'s
7:53 Awahili Jenn asked her question
7:53 Perkinator Yeah! ...babble away!
7:53 Patty Adam certainly expects so . . . and so does Mercy. But he hasn't had time to ask.
7:53 HAVENLYSTARRS she won't slip that's the problem
7:54 EternalOne so the chat lasts about 2 or so hours?
7:54 Awahili And there's always "Ask the Author" on the forums if we run out of time
7:54 Jenn
7:54 Patty He he (evil chuckle)
7:54 EternalOne sorry i was on the ohone guys
7:54 Jenn evil chuckle
7:54 EternalOne *phone
7:54 Jenn ?????????????
7:54 Cole charmed
7:54 Has I bet they get interrupted AGAIN
7:54 Andie hurry, who's next?
7:54 charmed IK SPOILER: Patty, the scene where Mercy was raped, was, to me, unexpected. I thought you handled both the rape and it's aftermath very well. What prompted you to go that direction?
7:54 kathleen I will check that forum out...did not know about it because I just found this the other day....been busy
7:55 Marissa Darn, I'm late, but I just wanted to say a quick thanks to Patty.
7:55 EternalOne Patty i througholy enjoy your books and i lokk forward when a new one comes out everytime!
7:55 EternalOne so ecstatic!
7:55 GreyDrakkon (link to the forum here: )
7:55 EternalOne thank for the patience and i WILL come back here again to talk with you guys
7:55 kathleen thank you Grey
7:55 Awahili hehe, thanks Grey...i was in process
7:55 Patty I usually write and let the characters direct the action. It seemed to me that a man like Tim, if given ultimate power over a woman he felt had wronged him (ridiculed him), would act just as he did.
7:56 kathleen I will pose my question on the forum.....
7:56 Jenn bye
7:56 Patty I tried to see how Mercy could cleverly get out -- and all of them rang false.
7:56 EternalOne especially Missy
7:56 Has to me he was sociapathic-
7:56 cherdabear Patty Just wanted to say again you are awesome!!!!!!!! Bye everyone
7:56 Patty It was worse when I let the wolves rescue her -- because that ended up with Adam as a murderer.
7:56 EternalOne goodness that sounds a lil eerie doent it?
7:56 Has bye chedabear
7:56 EternalOne m,y bad
7:56 Nottled Bye Cherdabear!
7:56 charmed yeah it was ahrd btu I ws glad she was not miraculosyuly saved
7:56 Tasha yikes
7:56 Patty So I finally had to just let the story run.
7:56 Reu Bye Cherda!
7:57 EternalOne yes adam as a murderer?
7:57 FireCatZ nope Adam did not kill Tim Mercy did
7:57 Jane I like that adam didn't kill him,
7:57 Tasha that was hard to read i can't imagine how hard it was to write!
7:57 Cole Grey
7:57 Awahili if he came in mid-action, he definitely would have killed Tim
7:57 HAVENLYSTARRS for protecting his mate
7:57 Spring Thank you for doing these chats Patty! Even I wasn't on the chat I read them when they came out--Thank you Mike!!1
7:57 EternalOne who wouldn't for those we hold close to our hearts?
7:57 Awahili no hesitation....
7:57 missy Hey EternalONe yes def
7:57 GreyDrakkon Ok my question is complicated
7:57 Perkinator thanks patty and mike!
7:57 EternalOne well adam tore tim up after mercy killed him
7:57 Patty Go for it
7:57 EternalOne so it goes both ways
7:57 Has i think if he had the intent he would have killed him
7:57 GreyDrakkon at the boards there's some debate over Adam's magic (with me making the most noise of course)
7:57 FireCatZ yes he did
7:58 kathleen Patty, thank you for having such a awesome imagination....and thank you for letting it out! Hopefully I will be able to catch you at the next book signin gg in Butee
7:58 kathleen can't spell...going to bed soon :)
7:58 tisa I have one question before you go patty
7:58 GreyDrakkon being independant myself, the thought of Adam's pack magic overpowering Mercy's will is repulsive, the thing is:
7:58 Patty Okay Grey :) (Bye those who are going)
7:59 Patty Grey -- both Adam and Mercy have a problem with it too
7:59 EternalOne Patricia Briggs= one of the top most creative and talented authors who has no boundaries when writing a new adventure
7:59 tisa with Mercy now technically co-alpha will that cause problems with Aurielle which is number 2
7:59 EternalOne thank you Patty
7:59 Patty tisa -- I'll answer that, but I think Grey is still in the middle of her question
7:59 GreyDrakkon was it Mercy who was just afraid of commitment that made it feel like Adam's powers were taking her over,
7:59 tisa sorry
7:59 Nottled Yep...she's building up like a tidal wave.
7:59 Has lol
8:00 EternalOne commitment thing would make sense
8:00 GreyDrakkon or was it a mix, the alpha power was temporarily out of control because of the "hole" in the pack
8:00 EternalOne both sounds eve better
8:00 EternalOne 8:00 GreyDrakkon and now it's back to normal now that a decision was made
8:00 EternalOne *even
8:00 EternalOne true
8:00 GreyDrakkon or is it that Adam can ulitmately trump Mercy's will?
8:01 GreyDrakkon to me the middles one rings truest
8:01 Patty Grey -- partly. Alpha's have this . . . "you want to do what I want you to do" think all the time, unless they are very controlled (like Bran). Mercy felt that, She was also pretty much head over heels with him too -- which can have the same effect -- and she felt that too.
8:01 EternalOne one humungous Q that has many differnet answers
8:01 GreyDrakkon (yeah sorry 'bout that, but I've been worrying at it like a bit of tough meat)
8:01 EternalOne Aint we all like that one time or another?>
8:02 Has its the same way with him- too she makes him lose control and to a were thats unsettling
8:02 Has he is a control freak
8:02 Patty However, unless Mercy is weakened (like the scene in IK) -- I can tell you that however much Mercy and Adam worry -- Mercy could resist him if she wanted to.
8:02 EternalOne more so than the usual werewolf alpha
8:02 CRash go Mercy
8:02 GreyDrakkon I figured that she'd succomb if weakend/very tired
8:02 Patty She found proof of that in the way she was able to stand up to Tim and his Fairy juice.
8:03 Patty We'll see that more in the next book.
8:03 GreyDrakkon goodie
8:03 EternalOne which makes Mercy all the more tempting in adams eyes. maybe like us all we sometimes want what we cannot always have
8:03 Tasha cool!!!
8:03 missy Yes
8:03 Has cool
8:03 Jane nice
8:03 Awahili Male weres can obviously take human mates. But can female weres take human mates? And do they hold pack rank?
8:03 Patty Has -- you are absolutely right. That's one of the reasons he didn't move on her sooner
8:03 missy too ture
8:03 missy true
8:03 GreyDrakkon I'm done then, is it next person or are you ready to let things fall apart Patty?
8:03 Has lol i can imagine that
8:03 Cole i have a question that ill want answered if thats alright
8:04 HAVENLYSTARRS does the next book have a working title yet? i know i'm out of turn but maybe it came out earlier
8:04 Cole since i skipped twice
8:04 Patty Awahili, Yes. But she'd have to do it before the male weres in her pack figured out what she was doing.
8:04 EvieO I have a question, but it can wait. I have no problems with you asking, Cole.
8:04 Awahili lol
8:04 Has poor cole
8:05 HAVENLYSTARRS go cole
8:05 Tasha Patty i think you need to do this more often!! there are so many ?!
8:05 EternalOne
8:05 Patty Awahili was the next.. Lets do Cole, who hasn't gotten a question. tisa who asked a while ago and then Evie and then I'll check out.
8:05 Taranis If she did, she would never get her writing done!
8:05 CRash
8:05 Patty Too true!
8:05 Cole ok Mercy being only a half walker does that mean her immunity to magic is weakened and if not does it have to be trained
8:05 GreyDrakkon Tasha, you can always go to the message board in the ask patty section. :)
8:06 Tasha true true... ok so never mind that idea... maybe if we had alternate time zones more than 24 hrs in a day... god that would be great!
8:06 Has good question
8:06 Cole thank you
8:06 Tasha good ?
8:06 Nottled I just want to live in your head, Patty. That way you don't have to answer my questions.
8:06 EternalOne Goodness that's one of the best Q's i've heard all night
8:06 EternalOne Nicley done Cole
8:07 EvieO Oh, thank you, Patty. :)
8:07 Patty I see walker as being a thing you are or you are not. She's half Native American, but all walker. The immunity sort of comes with as an innate ability -- and not something she can affect (I'm pretty sure at this point).
8:07 HAVENLYSTARRS good question cole
8:07 Cole thank you
8:07 CRash good question with a good answer
8:07 Patty You don't want to live in my head . . . it's pretty crowded and not very organized
8:07 EternalOne well put Patty and Cole
8:08 CRash sounds like my basement....
8:08 Tasha lol
8:08 Patty And my house.
8:08 EternalOne well, whose head IS organized and NOT crowded?
8:08 FireCatZ LOL sounds like my house
8:08 Nottled That's what Mike said, but I'd be wrapped around Sam like howler monkey. No need for organization.
8:08 Has sounds like my head at the moment
8:08 HAVENLYSTARRS i can't wait for next month for Cry Wolf~ it's still scheduled for next month?
8:09 Patty Sam rocks. tisa could you re-ask your question? I've lost it.
8:09 EternalOne i like the firefighter chick in Adams pack
8:09 EternalOne the one from MC
8:09 GreyDrakkon lol @ Nottled's description
8:09 Has no havenly its out in august
8:09 Patty EternalONe me too. She's pretty cool.
8:09 Nottled
8:09 Reu Alas, I have to get my disorganized behind off-line, Hubby is calling. Nite all!
8:09 Has amazon says 29 th og july
8:09 Has nite reu
8:09 Nottled Night Reu!
8:09 Patty Nite rue
8:09 Reu Reu quit
8:09 FireCatZ nite rue
8:10 HAVENLYSTARRS nite rue
8:10 Jerseybean night Reu
8:10 Cole goodnight
8:10 Taranis Good night Reu!
8:10 charmed nite Reu
8:10 EternalOne would be interisting to see if in the upcoming books in Mercy series that the pack is more desribed and social with mercy
8:10 Perkinator G'night Reu!
8:10 EternalOne like how honey is
8:10 tisa Although Mercy is now "co-alpha" will it cause problems with Aurielle who is number two in the pack, because at the end of the day Mercy is a coyote and could she ever really be accepted as truly dominate?
8:10 Spring Or if Tony finally gets "his lady"
8:11 Patty tisa, Mercy isn't really co-alpha (though it does appear that it'll be somewhat that way in the end -- see Mike I'm trying not to be mysterious or misleading)
8:11 EternalOne wonder if kyle will ever consider becoming a werewolf like warren
8:11 HAVENLYSTARRS I thought in Aurielle sort of accepted Mercy as dominate to her
8:12 Patty She will certainly have problems. I don't think they'll come from Aurielle at this point, but I'm not sure.
8:12 CRash O
8:12 Has but will her walker abilities bring a few surprises when she joins the pack?
8:12 Patty There are a lot of Adam's wolves who will have problems with a coyote -- in pack.
8:12 Spring Patty your cryptic comments made on IK made me read it 3 times to get them all
8:12 HAVENLYSTARRS problems will probably come from some of the other pack members we've yet to know
8:13 Patty Mercy is full of surprizes always -- most of them don't have anything to do with her abilities as a walker
8:13 Nottled Oooooo really?
8:13 GreyDrakkon yep she's just obstinant by nature. :)
8:13 Patty tisa, thank you for your patience, and for retyping your question
8:13 HAVENLYSTARRS tru tru
8:13 Has and trouble follows her it really likes her
8:13 Nottled No, I meant about the wolves having a problem with her.
8:13 tisa You're cryptic answers are killing me Patty!!!
8:13 Awahili gotta go guys. Thanks for everything Patty, and we can't wait for the next installments of every series! See you guys on the boards!
8:13 Nottled Bet that'll prove interesting.
8:14 Nottled Night Awahili!
8:14 Patty Let see Evie is next
8:14 Has bye awahill
8:14 EternalOne bye awahili
8:14 Patty Bye Awahili
8:14 Cole yes
8:14 charmed night Awahili
8:14 EvieO You suggested that Mercy's joining the pack will create some volatility. Is that going to run through the pack such that other, non-Mercy clashes might occur, like Darryl versus Warren?
8:14 Jerseybean bye
8:15 EternalOne good one
8:15 EternalOne b/c if something happens to Adam then no one will want to follow warren
8:15 EvieO Thanks, Eternal. :)
8:15 EternalOne b/c of his sexuality
8:15 Has darryl is second
8:15 EternalOne welcome.
8:15 EternalOne just my ideas
8:16 Patty Evie -- Yes, Darryl and Warren are going to have to hash things out. And Mercy's presence will make the pack more volitile -- I can't help but think that one will affect the other. But I haven't written it yet, so I don't know how much.
8:16 Has although Warren is more dominant- that is going to cause conflict tho
8:16 Has 8:16 Patty EternaONe you are right and so is Has.
8:16 EternalOne bound to happen
8:16 EternalOne ty has and Patty
8:16 missy Night Guys, Thanks so much Patty for talking with us!!!!! Loved Loved Iron Kissed and plugging it when i can!!!!!!
8:16 EternalOne and evie for the good Q
8:16 Patty Warren doesn't want to cause Adam problems, but Darryl isn't going to be able to just let it go . . . have to see what happens.
8:16 EternalOne bye missy
8:16 Has nite missy
8:16 missy Later Eternal One Catch ya again!!!
8:17 EternalOne yeah hope so!
8:17 Perkinator bubye.
8:17 Nottled Nite Missy.
8:17 HAVENLYSTARRS how many books are scheduled for release?
8:17 EvieO Cool. I've been waiting for that since Blood Bound. Thank you for answering questions and talking to us. :)
8:17 Patty Good night everyone. Thank you so very much for coming. As per usual, Mike will post this chat in the next couple of days.
8:17 EternalOne true
8:17 GreyDrakkon it's a good thing that once wolves hash things out, they don't hold grudges...
8:17 Jessica good night!
8:17 Jane Thanks Parry
8:17 Jane Patty
8:17 Jane I can't type
8:17 GreyDrakkon Night Patty. :)
8:17 EternalOne man unlike us women here or in the world
8:17 Perkinator Thank you Patty! Chat was awesome!!
8:17 Nottled Mkay Patty. Great to talk to you. Night!
8:17 HAVENLYSTARRS nite and thanks, patty
8:17 Has nite Patty and THANK U for writing IK and congrats!!! on its success
8:17 FireCatZ Nite Patty, Thanks for chatting with US
8:17 Spring Good night Patty
8:17 EternalOne scorpios hold grugdes big time
8:17 Jerseybean Thank you Patty, night
8:17 Patty Havenly -- there will be at least four more Mercy books.
8:18 Andie night... thanks for answering questions!
8:18 charmed Thank you Patty for taking time to do this. It's wonderful :)
8:18 EternalOne bye Patty
8:18 CRash Thank you for the chat, Patty and all! I'll have to come again.
8:18 Patty Hugs all
8:18 Cole maybe making warren second will show those truly trustworthy who and those that leave will inevatibly make the pack stronger
8:18 GreyDrakkon Havenly, on the FAQ it says she's got 7 books commissioned
8:18 HAVENLYSTARRS kewl,thanks Patty
8:18 EternalOne thaqt's good
8:18 Patty Patty quit