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Cornick Pack | Dismantled

Details are updated as of the most recent Mercyverse published work



  • dismantled pack with all but Bran and Samuel killed either by the Cornick witch or Forest Lord Brewster

Location & Relocation


  • transient pack; sometimes they moved every month for a year; sometimes they stayed in place for decades18

Pack House/Den

Hunting Grounds

Witch on Retainer


  • bound the wolves to her service through witchcraft; her ability to break into their minds07
  • used the wolves as hidden protection; she only mostly controlled the pack09

Miscellaneous Notes


  • Bran never confirmed or denied that he knew seven of the wolves that ran with them frequently from his childhood10
  • other wolves other than Bran and Samuel never left their wolf shape10
  • the witch changed their names every time they moved; which was when the mood took her18

Appearances & Mentions

Mercyverse Short Fiction: Silver

Pack Members

Past the Alpha & Team section pack members are listed in alphabetical order. Dominant members are noted but order of dominance past the main team is not due to fluidity.

Approximate Size


  • had been nine but was seven for the longest time37

Alpha & Team

The pack Alpha and their main leadership team in addition to notable pack positions (if filled). Mates are mentioned due to shared power within the pack and significant others (SO) for quick reference.

Alpha & Leadership Team
Position Name Mate/SO Notes
Alpha Dafydd Cornick Witch
Submissive Adda

Active Pack Members

Active Pack Members
Name Mate/SO Notes


To The Pack
Name Previous Pack Notes Source
Bran Cornick N/A (A) Human&Changed Silver
Samuel Cornick N/A (A) Human&Changed Silver
Away From The Pack
Name New Pack Notes Source
Bran Cornick Marrok Pack (B) Marrok Moon Called
Samuel Cornick Marrok Pack (B) Moon Called

Deceased Pack Members

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