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Spokane Seethe | Dismantled

Details are updated as of the most recent Mercyverse published work


Location & Relocation

Spokane, Washington

Lair Description

Bone Crossed

  • smaller than Adam's; meticulously crafted out of warm-colored stone
  • grounds encompassed maybe five or six acres of what had once been a garden of roses; a few years since any gardener had touched them
  • neglected and overgrown gardens was home; liked quality over size and preferred privacy to beauty or order
  • walls surrounding the grounds were older than the house, made of quarried stone and hand laid without mortar
  • gate was wrought iron and ornate
  • house wasn't really small; just looked undersized
  • down the stairway past the room Mercy woke in; another door to a much bigger room
  • room of cages; mostly empty; smelled of sewage; disease and death

Miscellaneous Notes

Bone Crossed

  • one vampire; doesn't allow visitors; no packs, no fae, nothing but a few powerless creatures who manage to stay out of his sight
  • a lot of territory for a single vampire; holds Spokane, all by himself, against all the supernatural peoples, not just vampires
  • would have another house; professional garden and lawn service; receive his business guests there

Appearances & Mentions

Seethe Members

Listed in alphabetical order after the seethe leader.

Approximate Size

Bone Crossed

  • one Master vampire

Seethe Leader & Dominant Master Vampires

Seethe Leader
Name Notes
The Monster:James Blackwood Master
Dominant Master Vampires
Name Notes

Dominant & Fledgling Vampires

Dominant & Fledgling Vampires
Active Seethe Vampires
Name Notes


To Seethe
Name Previous Seethe Notes Source
Away From Seethe
Name New Seethe Notes Source

Deceased Seethe Vampires

Both recent and historical mentions of seethe member death.

Deceased Seethe Vampires
Name Notes Source
James Blackwood Killed by Donnell Greenleaf & Walking Stick Bone Crossed
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