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Cry Wolf

  • Little Butterfly122
  • Mary Alvarado177
  • Mari213

Physical Description

Cry Wolf

  • Slight-boned and fragile-looking. Her dark hair, usually unruly and curly, had been tamed and rolled into a bun, but the severe style only made her look younger122
  • Dark-haired and dark-eyed122
  • Her features were refined and aristocratic122


Mariposa Injuries & Scars
Alpha & Omega Series #1: Cry Wolf
Injury Type/Scar Notes
Hit in Face by Rifle184 Anna Cornick
Broken Jaw278 Anna Cornick
Broken Neck279 Anna Cornick

Appearances & Mentions



Cry Wolf

  • Her power amassed around her, different now than it had been when they’d first sent her to her own kind for training. Her magic had been wild and hot, but this power was as dark and cold as her voice had been122
  • Stole the bond between Asil and his mate173
  • Could control werewolves with her magic187
  • Could break into a pack's magic207
  • From one of the greatest of the witch families214
  • Their greatest spell; to have guardians on their grounds, great beasts who patrolled and killed for them but never needed food or drink; it was rumoured that they made them from living creatures - they had a menagerie; such powerful spells are never made without blood and death214
  • Because she is, through Asil, a de facto member of the pack—she might have managed to combine the Marrok’s powers with her own218
  • Gotten her ability through some kind of binding to a werewolf229
  • Hide-me-spell; Witches could hide in plain sight if they had some sort of hold on you238
  • Was a witch, and had no control of her powers; needed to be trained242

Asil and the Not-Date

  • Had a talent for hiding things in plain sight, making one thing seem like another: a complex magical item appeared to be a piece of costume jewelry, or black magic felt like white229



Cry Wolf

  • staying at that old forest-service cabin219

Family & Significant Other

Cry Wolf

  • Mariposa’s mother had only just enough power to protect her youngest daughter from the attack of another clan of witches. Her parents, grandparents, brothers, sisters, and all were dead—and her mother, too213


Cry Wolf

  • Claimed to be Search and Rescue; that she and her “hot tempered” partner had an argument and split up for a bit163

Character Traits & Facts

Cry Wolf

  • Dangerous179

Education, Work Experience & Languages

Spirituality & Personality

Cry Wolf

  • Emotional above all, dancing from anger to sullenness to sunshine with scarcely a breath between122
  • She wasn’t observant enough to see Brother Wolf peeking out—either that or she liked a little danger179
  • Mariposa had always rewritten reality to suit her263
  • Always liked to hurt people272

Talents & Skills

Cry Wolf

  • Clouded objections to force her prey to reluctantly answer questions182
  • A web of light encasing Charles in sickly strings of yellow and green183
  • Imprisoning spell; muttered a word and flung it at Anna with a flick of her fingers, leaving Anna unable to move188
  • Could break into the pack’s magic207
  • Was making people do things—like kill family pets218
  • Can control a werewolf who has the protection of a pack219
  • capable of holding a werewolf for days and torturing it224
  • Hair allowed her to get into your dreams. If you had died there, you’d have died for real226
  • Changing what the senses of others perceived was one of the major powers of the witch234
  • Scried with water to get glimpses into the future253

Health & Fitness

Cry Wolf

  • Mariposa seemed to have gained immortality upon Sarai’s death173
  • Has a wolflike dexterity238
  • Has the immortality, the strength, and the speed of a werewolf254
  • Had never been been stable, even before she killed Sarai264
  • Quite mad269
  • Anna killed her by snapping her neck279
  • Colin Taggart burned her body and got four pounds of salt to mix with her ashes; the results were brought to Bran's house for disposal290


Cry Wolf

  • A woman who was used to batting her eyes at men180
  • Stamped her foot as if she were still a child243
  • Says when skinning something, the pelt is soft and warm, but human skin is so much more horrifying—and more useful afterward245


With Asil and Sarai

Cry Wolf

  • Was sixteen years old when she killed Sarai122
  • Asil's dreams always got stronger when the witch got too close173
  • Was raised by Sarai and Asil; came to live with them when she was eight or nine years old213
  • Told Asil that the only place she really felt safe was with Sarai and him214
  • Stole Sarai's immortality as she stole her and Asil's mate bond215
  • Believed Sarai had made a choice between her and Asil242
  • Tried to poison Sarai twice243
  • Pretended she was Sarai and came to Asil's bed243
  • Fixated on Asil256
  • There was something wrong with the girl that Sarai couldn’t fix256
  • She was never more to Asil than a stray pet Sarai wanted to take care of257
  • Rode her Sarai Guardian like a donkey266
  • Tied herself to Sarai's dead wolf269
  • Relied on Sarai to protect her so much that she forgot that she could protect herself277

With the Witches

Cry Wolf

  • From what Asil knew, Mariposa's mother only had enough power to protect her youngest daughter from the attack of another clan of witches213
  • The tinker found the little girl wandering by the burnt remnants of her house and thought Sarai would take her in, as he knew that Sarai wife had done considerable trade with that family213
  • The witches guarded their spells from each other, so each family tended to specialize. Mariposa’s family was one of the greatest of the witch families; But she was only a child, and this was their greatest spell. Asil could hardly believe they entrusted her with it213
  • Charles about Mariposa: “Asil’s witch has found a way to control a werewolf who has the protection of a pack; I’ve never heard of anything like that—so I don’t think she’s been spreading the word. Thankfully, witches are so jealous of each other. But if she’s the only witch who knows how—we need to keep it that way.”213
  • Guardians, they once called such things. A charismatic name for such abominations; Even at the peak of their power, though, Bran had never heard of them making a guardian from a werewolf241

With Charles and Anna

Cry Wolf

  • Mary put out her hand and ended up with a handful of Anna’s hair175
  • When he first saw her, Charles knew that she was something preternatural—one that used magic178
  • She'd been avoiding looking Charles in the eyes180
  • She was no ally of Charles181
  • It would require an effort on the witch’s part to focus on Anna as long as Charles was there. An effort Mary Alvarado wasn’t making184
  • Anna was able to break the spell's hold on her by bringing her wolf to the fore184
  • Anna also shattered the witch's hold on Charles the same way185
  • She shouldn’t have been able to do that. She made Charles fawn at her feet like a puppy187
  • Charles was still volatile from his encounter with the witch216
  • The memory of how Asil’s witch had held him obedient to her as if she were his Alpha cut through his self-confidence with a large dollop of reality232
  • Wanted Charles' pain and death so that she could collect the power272

With the Wolves

Cry Wolf

  • Was able to call Bran like a a well-trained pet238
  • The control she asserted over Bran had to be won by blood and flesh using the bonding through Asil that Bran had done to his own pack239
  • Knows about the Marrok; was never able to find a photo of him264
  • She tried to goad Bran265
  • She figured out who Bran was and took his free will from him like a puppet master attaching strings to his marionette268
  • It's a pattern with her to take over a pack; the wolves eventually die; fade until there is nothing left of them272
  • Bran, Marrok, Alpha of the Marrok, slay me your son, Charles277
  • Walter was killed taking the spell meant for Anna279
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