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Kentucky Seethe | Active

Details are updated as of the most recent Mercyverse published work


Location & Relocation

N/A, Kentucky

Lair Description

Miscellaneous Notes

Storm Cursed

  • vampires who live near the Hardesty witches are unwilling or unable to talk about them249
  • a vampire from Kentucky told Marsilia this doggerel verse249

“One by one, two by two, the Hardesty witches are traveling through. With a storm of curses, they call from their tomes; they will your blood and dine on your bones.”

Appearances & Mentions


Listed in alphabetical order after the seethe leader.

Approximate Size

Seethe Leader & Dominant Master Vampires

Seethe Leader
Name Notes
Dominant Master Vampires
Name Notes

Active Seethe Vampires

Active Seethe Vampires
Name Notes
Vampire Kentucky


To Seethe
Name Previous Seethe Notes Source
Away From Seethe
Name New Seethe Notes Source

Deceased Seethe Vampires

Both recent and historical mentions of seethe member death.

Deceased Seethe Vampires
Name Notes Source
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