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Bureau of Fae Affairs

Disbanded and rolled into CNTRP after the werewolves went public.

Identified Members

Bureau of Fae Affairs
Security Guard Thomas O'Donnell

Mercy Thompson Series

Iron Kissed

Mercy Thompson Series #3: Iron Kissed

  • pronounced “Beefa”33
  • not sure what branch of the military they're associated with
  • can do random searches33
  • has a program that paid for the continuing education for the reservation guards180
  • if known that an employee was a member of a supernatural hate group like JLS or CBF they would have lost their job
  • doesn't make a habit of searching their employee's houses
  • funding was cut and moneys diverted overseas
  • no authority to tell how long a fae host can have a guest on the reservation
  • the guards are considered enemies of the fae215
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