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Mundane | ID Card of Christy Hauptman
« on: July 14, 2009, 07:54:52 am »
Christy Hauptman

See Mercy Thompson Hauptman



Classification Description:
Human with no supernatural power

[Daughter] See Jesse Hauptman

Significant Other:
[Ex-Husband] See Adam Hauptman

Eugene, OregonMC-52


Physical Description:
  • all soft curvesSB-17
Christy was shorter than me by a couple of inches, about the same size as Jesse. The body in the blouse and peasant skirt was softly curved, but not fat. Her hair, brown when I’d last seen her, was now blond-streaked and French-braided in a thick rope that hung to her hips.
blue eyes - Jesse's eyes NB-45

Character Traits & Facts:

From Chat Transcripts:

  • Chrissy knows about Mercy. That's one of the reasons she divorced AdamChat 2008-04-05
  • She has a lot of big issues with the werewolf pack stuff. A lot of it jealousyChat 2008-05-02
  • Adam and Christy were married for a long least fifteen years; they married youngChat 2008-10-11

From Moon Called:

  • had four miscarriagesMC-281
  • divorced from Adam in 2002MC-281
  • tries to make Adam feel bad on purpose, like he's an animalMC-281
  • an old boyfriend of hers tried to climb into bed with Jesse when she was twelveMC-281
  • went to Vegas and left Jesse alone without letting her known where she had goneMC-281

From Blood Bound:

  • she and her new boyfriend had headed off to Italy for an indefinite period, leaving Jesse alone for three days before Adam found outBB-45

From Iron Kissed:

  • she chose the decor of Adam's houseIK-96

From Silver Borne:

  • loved Adam's status, his money, and his powerSB-18
  • silence was her weapon of choiceSB-41
  • when Adam did something she didn't like, she'd give him the silent treatmentSB-61

From River Marked:

  • big on personal freedom--as long as it was her freedomRM-50
  • jealous of the pack, also maybe of JesseRM-51
  • didn't love Adam, but she had wanted to be the center of his world and would tolerate nothing elseRM-51
  • made Adam apologize a lot, apologize for things that were not his faultRM-83
  • Adam surrounded her in cotton woolRM-82

From Frost Burned:

  • cancelled her Christmas plans with Jesse on ThanksgivingFB-02
  • Jesse expected her to cancelFB-04

Night Broken
Christy looked up, her blue eyes—Jesse’s eyes—swam with tears that she bravely held back. “I know that’s my fault. I’m not a good mother.”

She wasn’t lying. She believed everything that she said. I had to give her credit for accepting the responsibility for what she’d put Jesse through—but the thing was, she was looking at Adam when she said it. Then she looked around the table. She didn’t look at Jesse. This wasn’t an apology; it was a play for sympathy. I wasn’t the only one who noticed.

was practically a gourmet chef.

the over forty I was sure of

My girlfriends and I were out gambling, a weekend in Reno. We’d gone to a show and were finishing up the night with dinner in one of the casinos. There were a lot of people around, and since we do this once a month, there were even a lot of people we knew.”

She’d met Adam when she was eighteen. He’d been older than that, a werewolf already NB-49

I’ve spent time in Europe

Friend  Jacqui, one of my friends. She’s a financial officer at Nation First Bank, works their corporate and international accounts.”

She did, though Adam supported her. He paid the bills for her condo, her car, her insurance, and her phone bills. He told me, once, that he felt he owed it to her.

She worked part-time at a travel agency that allowed her to travel more than she would otherwise have been able to. She put together tours and business meetings, and from what Jesse had told me, she was good at her job.

 I order a lot of things online.

unlike her, I don’t throw away people who are mine.”

Her mother had told Adam he scared her, that the werewolves scared her, and that he smothered her. But I’d always thought that the real trouble between them had a lot to do with Adam’s looking younger than she did. Which made her attraction to a younger man . . . something to keep in mind.

Christy is doing it again. She has a way of making people worry about her.”

She’s a good person, but she is a weak person, too. She can’t take care of anyone else because she’s too busy taking care of herself.

Suzy Homemaker because she took offense at that

Christy is at least one thirty or one thirty-five.”

Helpless bitch had the whole pack—Adam included—hopping to her tune.

 she played them all off each other.

“I don’t like you,” she told me, but there was a lie in her voice, and she stopped talking, looking almost surprised. She started again, her tones softer than they had been. “I don’t enjoy change,” she said. “And you are change, Mercy. I am comfortable with the old ways, and you are tossing them aside whenever they don’t suit you, while Adam looks on with satisfaction. But one thing I’ve always known is that you were trying your best to make things better. Christy, she looked out for herself first. I don’t imagine that has changed. Only a fool would say the same about you—though I frequently disagree with your methods and goals.”

 she doesn’t feel comfortable with the wolves if I’m not here.”

a large plastic see-through box covered with sparkly pink rhinestones that held a huge collection of makeup.

“He was a friend of my best friend,” she said. “Rich, charming, and handsome, he wasn’t a ‘complete stranger.

She wasn’t stupid, just self-absorbed and unwise. She didn’t like people thinking badly of her, so she lied.

“Had your friend slept with him before?” I asked.
Christy was competitive.  that Christy had slept with her best friend’s husband just to prove that she could. Maybe she’d done the same thing with her best friend’s lover, assuming that Flores had been her friend’s lover.

believing it because that was the attitude that would win over the most people. That was one of Christy’s gifts, her ability to shift her worldview whenever it was to her advantage.

“Only if you remember that while she is drumming up sympathy for her heaping helping of guilt—she doesn’t really feel responsible,” I said. “Just for now responsible.”

 They managed to get the blue off her skin, but she had to dye her hair black. You are not her favorite person.”
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