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Fae | ID Card of Zee
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Siebold Adelbertsmiter

See Drachen
See Zee's Knife

See Adam Hauptman
See Aiden Fideal
See Ariana Brewster
See Asil
See Bran Cornick
See Gabriel Sandoval
See Jean Ryan
See Jesse Hauptman
See Mercy Thompson
See Nemane
See Olwen Jones
See Samuel Cornick
See Stefan Uccello
See Sylvia Sandoval
See Thomas O'Donnell(X)
See Tony Montenegro
See Uncle Mike

Zee | Siebold Adelbertkrieger aus dem Schwarzenwald (Siebold Adelbert's Smiter from the Black Forest)MC-161 | The Dark Smith of DrontheimIK-85 | Loan MaclibhuinFB-206



Classification Description:
[Type] Mettalzauber [Gremlin]
  • Mettalzauber is a very broad category that contains very few membersIK-51
  • Fae who could handle metal of all kindsMC-67
  • Is able to cast spells that can hide non-magical things while touching themBC-40
  • his magic had a flavor, one that spoke of oil, metal, movement, and red heatFB-222
[Dropped Glamour]
  • a good ten inches taller than his human guiseIK-284
  • skin is a polished teak; dark as wet barkSB-286
  • glistening hair that could have been gold or grey was braided in a tail that hung down over one shoulder and reached past his waistIK-284
  • hair is goldSB-286; white-gold/pale wheatFB-211
  • pointed ears
  • true face was uncanny--beautiful, proud, and cruelSB-286
  • sharp-featured face was both unaged and ancientFB-211
  • his body showed the musculature of a man who spent his days before a hot fire bending metal to his will - wide shoulders and taut flesh that knew hard workFB-211
[Glamour] Human Guise
  • Moderately tall, balding, with a little potbelly. His face was craggy, but not unattractively so--just enough to give it characterMC-151
  • lanky and rawbonedIK-283
  • age-spotted German paleIK-284
  • cool gray eyesSB-74

one of the oldest of the FaeMC-150

See Tad Adelbertsmiter

Other Relatives:

Significant Other:
[Widower] Wife | Name Unknown; died of cancerIK-80

[Previous] Non-Reservation House | See Blueprints and Property Descriptions
[Present] Fairyland | See Ronald Wilson Reagan Fae Reservation | Faepology

Mechanic | Semi-Retired

[Former] See Mercy Thompson

drives an old truckBB-47

Physical Description:
See Classification Description | Dropped Glamour&Glamour

Character Traits & Facts:

From Chat Transcripts:

  • Zee is unique.  He started out as one thing, and built himself into something else. There are other fae like him -- all of the Gray Lords are like thatChat 2008-11-08
  • Zee's not quite -- quite in that [gray lord] power catagory, yet.  But no one crosses him lightlyChat 2008-11-08
  • On a scale of 1 to 10, 1 being brownies and the like and 10 being the Gray Lords, Zee is an 8, he can rise to a 9 when really angry, The Fideal is a 3 or 4, though this would depend on if Zee and The Fideal are working within their area of expertiseChat 2008-11-08

From Moon Called:

  • retired when he sold Mercy his garageMC-06
  • knows more about cars and what makes them run than a team of Detroit engineersMC-06
  • was killing werewolves when this country was still a Viking colonyMC-68
  • was forced public by the Gray LordsMC-150

From Blood Bound:

  • hired Mercy partly because he has a tendency to get bored with the easy stuffBB-52
  • the name gremlin was coined by flyboys in WW1BB-50

From Iron Kissed:

  • taught Mercy how to build and engine from the ground upIK-05
  • has been registered with the BFA for seven yearsIK-49
  • when he's angry he swears in German. Not modern German.IK-52
  • he's a Steelers fanIK-80
  • his human wife had died of cancer shortly before Mercy met himIK-80
  • likes tartar sauce on his friesIK-80
  • is perfectly capable of killingIK-49
  • Zee is a gremlin only because he claims he isIK-51
  • unglamoured pointed ears that were decorated with small white slivers of bone threaded through piercings that ran all the way around themIK-284

From Bone Crossed:

  • speaks SpanishBC-51
  • is not a people personBC-49

From Silver Borne:

  • appreciates modern technologySB-282
  • not fond of Latin musicSB-69
  • once said there was nothing he couldn't fixSB-72
  • is in charge of the garage when he comes in to help MercySB-72; he's the better mechanic
  • was a fae other fae gave a good deal of respectful space toSB-195
  • had no bone earrings in his piercingsSB-286
  • there aren't very many fae who could open a back entrance into a fairy queen's lairSB-291

From Frost Burned:

  • holed up in the fae reservation in Walla Walla after one of the fae Gray Lords declared the fae to be a separate and sovereign nationFB-9
  • never said good-bye to Mercy when he left just left a note telling her to be patient and not contact himFB-65
  • likes Gabriel and Jesse; adores Gabriel's sistersFB-65
  • doesn't think the death of the otterkins was a tragedyFB-65
  • forbidden to give aid to anyone associated with the werewolf packsFB-67
  • mellowed with age; no more killing people because they annoy him; no more making crazy weapons that will inevitably cause more problems than they solve because he had a bad day and wanted to destroy a civilization or twoFB-206
  • has around fifty power caches spread somewhereFB-206
  • paranoid old faeFB-206
  • used to hunt werewolves; had an encounter with Asil once (oursmarted Zee for three weeks in high winter in the AlpsFB-213
  • taught magic the way he taught mechanicking - by making Tad do all the work while he stood behind him and made acerbic correctionsFB-223
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